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latitude: 49°12´15´´, longitude: 16°35´50´´


The Botanical Garden of Faculty of Science, Masaryk University in Brno was founded in 1922 by Professor Josef Podpěra. The garden has continued to grow and develop since that time. In 1995-96 during reconstruction of the garden, new greenhouses was made. At the present time we have a collection of about 4000 taxa, 1850 taxa in greenhouses and 2200 taxa outdoors.

A. The outdoor plant collection includes the Plant System (0,3 ha) in front of the greenhouses. In the Plant System a variety of species are shown by families, 80 families and 800 species of vascular plants are grown here. There is also a sample of the Linnean System.

B. You can see samples of South Moravian vegetation and flora as follows: alluvian meadows and forests, oak and oak-hornbeam forests, non-forest xerotermophilous vegetation on limestone, serpentine or loess, submontane beech and spruce forests and sand dunes flora. The area of this part is 0,4 ha. You can admire trees and shrubs from the temperate zone of Japan and China, Caucasus and Siberia, or from the Balcans and the Mediterranean.The rockeries contain montane and subalpine species from the high mountains of Europe and North America.

C. The new greenhouses are a system of five tunnel-like structures with the largest one situated in the middle (max. height 10,5 m, area 1.200 m2). The greenhouses covering is a double layer of polyacrylamide. The greenhouses contain:


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