kampus PřF MU,
Kamenice 5, budova A11, 1.NP, místnost 132, 14:00

Jarní semester 2018/2019

7. 3. 2019
  David John Procter, The University of Manchester
   Radical cascade cyclisations for complexity generation

4. 4. 2019 13:45
  Sebastiaan Eeltink, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
   Novel chip designs to advance multi-dimensional LC separations

4. 4. 2019 14:45
  Pavel Majer, Ph.D., IOCB Prague
   Glutamine antagonists in cancer treatment - Tumor targeted prodrugs of 5-oxo-6-diazo-norleucine

2. 5. 2019
  Prof. Erik Van der Eycken, University of Leuven
   Synthesis of small complex heterocycles: gold catalysis and C-H activation

16. 5. 2019
  Prof. Igor V. Alabugin, Florida State University
   From Alkyne Origami and Metal-Free C-H Aminations to Electron Upconversion: An Array of New Tools for Solving the Ouroboros Problem