Doktorské studium

Studijní obor Ekotoxikologie

Název práce: Hodnocení externí a interní expozice chemickým látkám v lidské populaci

Školitel: doc. RNDr. Pavel Čupr, Ph.D.

Oficiální zadání:
The internal and external exposure determined by human biomonitoring is an excellent basis for assessing links between exposure and biomarkers of effects in human population. The main aim of the Ph.D. study is to apply new methods for internal and external exposure assessment in case of human exposure to chemicals: - to perform biomonitoring of DNA damage biomarkers in vivo in human peripheral blood cells by using fully automatic high throughput scoring system - study of the biomarkers in vitro in human stem cells and other relevant cell tissues linked with specific exposure pathways and target organs of selected chemical contaminants - application of new noninvasive sampling technique for internal exposure. The study will include both experimental research as well as theoretical work (development and integrating existing information from literature and databases). Details about the PhD project are available at the supervisor - assoc. prof. Pavel Čupr ( WEB: Applicants are requested to directly contact supervisor in advance before formally applying.

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