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Název práce: A comprehensive study of stars in the Ultraviolet region

Školitel: doc. Ernst Paunzen, Dr.

Oficiální zadání:
The UV region (here defined as blueward of 3600A) is very important for all type of stars. It contains a similar rich line spectrum as the classical region, but is most important to determine the astrophysical parameters (Teff, log, and [M/H]) as well as the reddening of stars. Most of the wavelength region is only accessible above the earth’s atmosphere. Several satellite experiments were designed to measure the flux of stars in the UV: GALEX, IUE, TD1, and the HST to mention a few. All of these measurements are public available but were never compiled and analysed in a homogeneous way. Another most important topic is the flux of stars in Johnson U and Stroemgren u from the ground. In the ESO archive alone, more than 1 000 Johnson U images are waiting for a decent analysis. The first part of the PhD will be focused on the reduction of the available images and the compilation of a catalogue including already published magnitudes. The second part will include the analysis of intrinsic colours, deriving new calibrations and reddening laws. Together with the forthcoming Gaia data, this compilation and its analysis will set a standard for countless fields of astrophysics.
Extreme ultraviolet astronomy. Edited by Martin A. Barstow - J. B. Holberg. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2003. xvii, 390. ISBN 0521580587.

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