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Název práce: Efekty mikroplastů ve sladkovodních ekosystémech

Školitel: Mgr. Ondřej Adamovský, Ph.D.

Předběžné zadání:

Global plastics pollution is a consequence of unsustainable use, uncontrolled and inadequate plastic disposal and waste management. Despite their persistence for several decades, larger plastic particles slowly degrade under environmental conditions to so-called microplastics, fragments smaller than 5 mm. Although freshwater environment is recognised as origin and transport pathway of plastics into the ocean, the majority of microplastics pollution research to date has focused on the marine environment. There is still a comparative lack of knowledge about fate, and effects of microplastics in freshwater environments. Microplastics are of special concern due their ability to be i) ingested by a variety of species at many trophic levels which can result in direct physical damage, ii) a transfer vector for co-occurring chemical compounds, and iii) a source of additional pollution due to leaching of incorporated additives. Most importance is given to the leaching of additives from microplastics; however, the environmental risks of the additive release in freshwater systems are largely unknown. The main objective will be to determine how and to what extent microplastics represent a risk to freshwater organisms. The toxicity tests with model organisms crustacean Daphnia magna and zebrafish Danio rerio will provide information on the way how the additives manifest at the biological level and how invertebrates and vertebrates organisms may be affected by additives leaching and particles weathering. This thesis will be conducted in cooperation with the Department of Environmental Geosciences, University of Vienna, Austria. [NOTE: All prospective students interested in the topic are requested to contact supervisors (, in advance before the formal application.]

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