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Název práce: Endoparazitická monogenea afrických ryb jako model pro studium adaptace k endoparazitismu

Školitel: Mgr. Eva Řehulková, Ph.D.

Oficiální zadání:
The large majority of monogeneans (more than 95%) are branchial or cutaneous ectoparasites and relatively few of them are known to parasitize internal organs (Euzet and Combes, 1998). Among those parasitizing African freshwater fishes, only Enterogyrus Paperna, 1963 and Urogyrus Bilong Bilong, Birgi et Euzet, 1994 have been proposed to accommodate species collected from the digestive and urinary systems, respectively (Khalil and Polling, 1997; Pariselle and Euzet, 2009). Species of the both genera are all parasites of Levantine and African cichlid fishes. Cichlid fishes in South America have not been found infested with Enterogyrus or Urogyrus spp., although these fishes have been occasionally examined for endoparasites. Despite the unusual localisation of these monogeneans, limited studies have been made on the functional adaptation of the haptor, tegument and physiology of these parasites to the endoparasitic mode of life (e.g. Pariselle et al., 1991). Also, there are no published information on the mating and life cycle of these endoparasites. Thus, the aim of this Ph.D. thesis is to: (1) Discover and analyze the morphological, tegumental and physiological adaptation of selected representatives of Enterogyrus and/or Urogyrus to the endoparasitic mode of life using multidisciplinary approach (i.e. light microscopy, SEM, TEM, confocal microscopy) and (2) Compare the life-cycle and strategy of infestation between ecto- and endoparasitic monogeneans.

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