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Název práce: Molecular mechanisms of auxin biosynthesis regulation during seed development in Arabidopsis

Školitel: Helene Robert Boisivon, Ph.D.

Oficiální zadání:
Food production mostly relies on a proper sexual plant reproduction. Therefore research in fundamental aspects of seed development is crucial to the understanding of processes involved in seed viability. Embryo development follows a strict pattern of cell divisions and differentiations, which, if whenever affected, perturbs embryo shape and viability. The plant hormone auxin is a mediator of these developmental events. Dynamic changes in auxin distribution during embryo development are crucial for establishment of embryonic root and shoot. We showed that a local production of auxin regulates this embryonic auxin distribution. Our research projects focus on how environmental and endogenous signals are integrated at the cellular level into the regulation of this auxin transport both in embryonic and post-embryonic tissues.

Project description
Our next challenge is to identify how this localized embryonic auxin production is regulated. We identified transcription factors that directly activate the expression of auxin biosynthetic enzymes, which will be functionally studied within this project. Techniques involved Genetics, Microscopy, Molecular Biology, Cellular Biology in context of Plant reproduction.

Techniques involved
Genetics, Microscopy, Molecular Biology, Cellular Biology in context of plant reproduction.

We are seeking an enthusiastic and motivated student who would be interested to carry out his/her PhD research project in our team. The candidate should have MSc degree in the area of Life sciences. Experience in molecular biology/cell biology/plant culture/microscopy is a plus. English will be our communication language.

We offer
We offer Ambitious laboratory facilities, young, international and dynamic work environment. Experience acquisition in a wide range of biological techniques and methods.

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