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Název práce: Molecular principles of dendritic mRNA transport


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Post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression is based on regulatory RNA elements which control temporal and spatial pattern of protein synthesis in the cytoplasm. While we begin to decipher the splicing code, only very little is known about how mRNAs reach their cellular compartments to ensure that proteins are expressed in the right place at the right time within the cell. This compositional, spatial and temporal control of gene expression is key for maintaining the order of events during development and for local response to stimuli in specialised cells such as neurons and thus deregulation often leads to human disease. Our aim is to unravel molecular principles governing post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression. Using NMR spectroscopy as our main structural tool, we will study RNA elements and their protein assemblies crucial for control of mRNA transport and protein synthesis in neuronal dendrites.
supervisor:Mgr. PharmDr. Peter Lukavsky

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