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Studijní obor Ekotoxikologie

Název práce: Vliv biouhlu na půdní biotu

Školitel: doc. RNDr. Jakub Hofman, Ph.D.

Předběžné zadání:
Biochar is the charred solid product resulting from the pyrolysis of crop and plant residues and animal wastes under low-oxygen environments. Biochar has a porous structure, charged surfaces, and an abundance of surface functional groups making it an efficient adsorbent for both organic and inorganic contaminants. This means it is a promising tool for soil remediation and can also prevent contamination of surface and groundwater caused by leaching and erosion of particle-associated pollutants. To maximize the positive effect of biochar addition to soil, risk mitigation resulting from the immobilization of contaminants following biochar addition should occur simultaneously with an improvement of, or at least non-detrimental effect on, the ecological function of the soil. In comparison to the significant number of sorption studies, the effects of biochar amendments on soil ecological functions including effects on soil biota have received much less attention. Threshold levels with (no) observable negative effects of biochar are unknown, though the irreversibility of application, recalcitrance and possible accumulation of biochar in the soil profile over time may lead to spatial and temporal heterogeneity of biochar content in soils. The aims of the present thesis will therefore aim at i) determination of the threshold biochar dose, i.e., maximum biochar loading capacity, that can be safely added to soil without compromising its ecological function for different soil organisms and plants, ii) determination of the effects of biochar amendment in a single and multiple-stress effects in order to reveal the modes of toxic action of biochar and simulating various environmental scenarios, iii) identification of the potential causes of biochar toxicity by characterizing physico-chemical properties of biochar-soil mixtures and relating them to the measured biological endpoints.

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