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Studijní obor Teoretická fyzika a astrofyzika

Název práce: COSSAM – investigating the surface of magnetic stars

Školitel: doc. Mgr. Ernst Paunzen, Dr.

Oficiální zadání:
As the Sun, stars all across the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram have spots on their surface due to stable magnetic fields. These spots cause photometric and spectroscopic variations as the star rotates. In the archives, there is a huge amount of such data available which was never analyzed in an automatic way. COSSAM is an object-oriented parallel spectral line synthesis code for magnetic stellar atmospheres. It is open source and has been widely tested. The aim of this PhD is to implement the code at CERIT-SC and write a routine to automatically analyze photometric light curves and spectroscopic high-resolution data. The code will be then applied to stars over the whole temperature range studying the surface distribution of elements and to describe to rotational behavior in great detail.
BÖHM-VITENSE, Erika. Introduction to stellar astrophysics. Vol. 2, Stellar atmosphere. 1st pub. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997. xi, 249 s. ISBN 0-521-34403-4., PACHECO, Peter S. An introduction to parallel programming. Burlington: Morgan Kaufmann, 2011. xix, 370. ISBN 9780123742605.

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