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Název práce: A structural basis for the cross-talk between histones and RNA Polymerase II

Školitel: doc. Mgr. Richard Štefl, Ph.D.

Předběžné zadání:
Chromatin is a highly flexible architecture in which spatially and temporally coordinated changes between structurally condensed states (transcriptionally repressive), and structurally accessible states (transcriptionally active) regulate gene expression. Posttranslational modifications of histones play the fundamental role in maintaining the dynamic equilibrium of these two chromatin states. Individual histone modifications are associated with a given stage of chromatin remodelling and transcriptional cycle. Interestingly, the C-terminal domain (CTD) of RNA polymerase II (RNAPII) is also posttranslationally modified which serves as a signal for the recruitment of appropriate processing factors in coordination with the transcription cycle. Recent findings revealed that these is an overlap between the occurrence of the histone and CTD marks, suggesting the existence of a cross-talk between the chromatin remodelers (orchestrated by histone modifications) and transcription/processing factors (orchestrated by RNAPII CTD modifications). We will indentify protein adaptors that spatially and temporally mediate interactions between chromatin and RNAPII. These proteins will be structurally characterized and we will reveal the structural basis for the cross-talk between histones and RNAPII that is orchestrated through their posttranslational modifications.

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