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Název práce: Elucidating the Role of RNA Modification in innate immunity and disease


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Innate immunity and inflammation are central to human health. This was stated succinctly by the Nobel Laureate David Baltimore in 2011: ‘Autoimmunity, cancer and metabolic diseases are all secondary to chronic inflammation. This places inflammation at the heart of modern medicine. Our research interests lie in understanding how the ADAR RNA editing enzymes are essential for innate immunity and endeavor to maintain homeostasis within the cell. Editing of transcripts by ADARs which includes noncoding RNAs and repetitive elements is more widespread than editing within exons which is only 0.4% of all editing events. There are over a hundred million edited positions in humans mainly occurring in transcripts encoding Alu sequences. RNA editing has long been viewed as a process that together with alternative slicing generates protein diversity. However this view is debatable when the majority of editing events is not recoding events and our data reveals that the ADAR enzymes have an essential role in innate immunity. The projects studied within the group include: - Elucidate the role of ADAR1 in innate immunity and to establish which pathway it is in. - Isolate proteins interacting with ADAR1. - Determine how mutations in ADAR1 causes Aicardi-Goutières syndrome which is a human autoimmune disorder. - Identify other naturally occurring modifications in RNAs (other than tRNA and rRNA) and investigating if they too have a role in immunity and disease We use mouse genetics, mammalian cell cultures and Drosophila as model systems.
Vedoucí práce: Mary O'Connell, phone +420 54949 5460,

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