International Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for foreign business trip can be arranged by Faculty of Science for faculty/school employees only. Doctoral students organize their travel insurance by themselves.

Travel Insurance card can be issued after filling a form Cestovní příkaz = Certificate of Travel (at the Finance office). Then an applicant gets the card by Petr Bures (at the Office for International Relations). After a business trip is over the card must be returned to Petr Bures!

In case the applicant plans another business trip during a few days after his return from the first one, he can keep the insurance card for the other trip. However, he must inform Petr Bures about the new business trip (its data and destination).

Travel Insurance Range

  • is written in the Insurance Contract
  • There is no limit of insurance cover.
  • Important notice

    • Insurance is not applicable to luggage, car etc.
    • Insurance is applicable to foreign employees at Masaryk University

    What to do if insured accident occurs

  • In case of insured accident do call the phone number written at the insurance card (+420 241 170 000), tell the insurance contract number 698024810 to the operator and solve the situation directly with him/her.

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