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This PhD programme is designed for master graduates of physics and related programmes including teaching of physics at universities. It covers a broad spectrum of general problems of physics namely Mechanics, Theory of Relativity, Field Theory, Quantum and Statistical Physics. According to the student´s interest the study of these disciplines can be focused on applying gained knowledge on physics education.

Profile of a typical graduate

Graduate Characteristics


PhD graduates will have an excellent knowledge in general mathematics and physics. Some will become scientists at universities and other scientific institutes, and others will become highly qualified high school teachers.

Requirements for applicants

Entrance Requirements:


Applicants should have good knowledge of general physics within the scope of the university course: General and Theoretical Physics. An certain level of knowledge of mathematics is essential. Moreover students should be able to understand a scientific text in English as well as comment on its contents.

Entrance Examination Topics:


1)       Physical system and its description

2)       The processes occurring in physical systems

3)       Time evolution of physical systems

4)       Physical field and its description

5)       Referential coordinate system

6)       Axiomatic formation of physical theories

7)       The role of experiments in physics,

8)       Symmetry and its consequences

9)       Approximation methods

10)     Periodical effects

Study requirements and completion of studies

Individual study plan

An individual study plan is designed by a supervisor with regard to the subject of the student's thesis. It consists of the following three parts


1)       Lectures and seminars aimed to broaden the student's knowledge in general physical subjects.

2)       Specialized seminars and tutorials related to the topic of the thesis.

3)       Pedagogical activities such as teaching bachelor and master study courses.



Topics of the State Exam:

1)       The mechanics of mass points and continuum

2)       Theory of relativity and field theory

3)       Quantum and statistical physics

4)       Interaction of electromagnetic field and matter

5)       Interaction of charged particles and matter

6)       Mathematical physics



Theses Requirements


The thesis topic should mainly focus on unsolved problems or problems where a current solution is not satisfactory. The emphasis is put on a consistent physical and mathematical formulation, its interpretation and, in pedagogical subjects, its possible elementarization and application in physics education. Publishing in a reviewed scientific journal is expected.


A list of current thesis topics for this year is given below at the bottom of the page.

Individual study plan

An individual study plan is designed by the supervisor with regard to the topic of thesis.

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Commission for state doctoral exams and defenses

List of current doctoral topics

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