Doctoral Studies

Advanced Nanotechnologies and Microtechnologies - Field

Topic name: Pulsed laser deposition of ultra-thin layers of transition metal oxides and their study with in-situ angle-resolved photoemission

Supervisor: doc. Mgr. Adam Dubroka, Ph.D.

Oficiální zadání:
Proximity of different perovskite oxides in epitaxially grown heterostructures can give rise to new properties, for example, due to confinement effects, interaction of the fundamental state of the constituents or due to the electronic reconstruction on the interface. A prominent example of such electronic reconstruction is the two dimensional electron gas formed on the interface between two insulators LaAlO3 and SrTiO3. The main focus of this experimental PhD project will be on growth of ultra-thin layers and heterostructures of oxides of transition metals with pulsed laser deposition, their basic characterization and very importantly, the study of their electronic properties with in-situ angle-resolved photoemission (ARPES) installed within CEITEC, Brno. Among envisaged systems are ferromagnetic metals SrRuO3, SrFeO3, insulators LaAlO3, SrTiO3 and superconductors YBa2Cu3O7.

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