Doctoral Studies

Botany - Field

Topic name: European Vegetation Survey: diversity and ecology of selected vegetation types in Europe

Supervisor: prof. RNDr. Milan Chytrý, Ph.D.

Předběžné zadání:
This is a general topic which will be specified depending on the selected vegetation type. The research will be done within the framework of the international working group European Vegetation Survey, which aims at cataloguing diversity of vegetation types across the continent. Vegetation plot data will be collected from databases of partners from different European countries/regions and analysed to obtain basic information on diversity pattern and classification of vegetation types. Possible gaps in the data can partly be filled in by field research in selected regions. Besides classification, relevant diversity patterns will be assessed depending on the selected vegetation type, e.g. species richness, phylogenetic structure, species-trait patterns, vegetation-environment relationships and the level of plant invasion. Cooperation with partners from several European countries is assumed.
- Field experience of vegetation sampling
- Knowledge of flora of the selected vegetation type
- Basic skills in statistical analysis of vegetation data
- Good knowledge of English and at least basic knowledge of some other European languages
- Collaborative nature and communication skills
- This topic is open to candidates of any nationality

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