Doctoral Studies

Biomolecular Chemistry - Field

Topic name: Structure-function studies on lectins from pathogens and their interactions with human biologically relevant oligosaccharides

Supervisor: prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Koča, DrSc.

Oficiální zadání:
Cell surface is covered by complex branched oligosaccharides that play a key role in specific interactions nad recognition (e.g., blood group system). Pathogen-host interactions are mediated primarily by a specific recognition between pathogen proteins and host oligosaccharides, which allows for adhesion, infection and further collonisation of the host tissue. The aim of the work is structure-function studies of selected proteins involved in specific interactions with human oligosaccharides, the spectrum of which is being modified in various physiological events. The study will be focused mainly on lectins from human pathogens that can cause serious and heavy infections in immunocompromised patients often leading to their higher mortality. The subject can cover both experimental work (preparation of recombinant proteins, interaction studies by microcalorimetry, SPR, protein/sugar complexes crystallisation, wide methods of molecular biology and bichemistry, ...) and methods of computational chemistry (homology modelling, bioinformatics, X-ray refinement, computer simulations in a solvent, ...) or can be focused only on selected parts.

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