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Topic name: Structural studies of assembly of phage 812K1 in S. aureus cells


Předběžné zadání:
S. aureus causes a range of illnesses from minor skin infections such as pimples and abscesses to life-threatening diseases such as meningitis. The worldwide emergence of antibiotic-resistant strains of S. aureus makes the cure of the infections very difficult. Phages can be used as alternative therapeutics for bacterial infections. However, human phage therapy is currently not approved in western countries. One of the obstacles towards the use of phages in human therapy is the lack of understanding of the mechanism of action of phages on bacterial cells. The student will use cryo-electron microscopy and single particle reconstruction to determine three dimensional structure of the phage head and neck regions. He/she will also use cryo-electron tomography to study re-arrangements of S.aureus cells infected by the phage, identify phage-specific assembly intermediates, and analyze their distribution in infected cells. The student will also study release of progeny phages form S. aureus in the late stages of the infection.
Mgr. Pavel Plevka, Ph.D. (StrvIR CSB CEITEC MU), učo 115541 vedoucí

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