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The Ph.D. study programme Geography links up with the knowledge of students acquired in the M.Sc. programme of Geography and Cartography. It is oriented on deepening and broadening of knowledge, ability and skill in the specialised branches of geographic and cartographic research with accentuated study of causative relations and connections in a broad complex of the studied phenomena and processes. Main stress is put on the active mastering of new knowledge above all of foreign technical literature and participating in specialised lectures both at their own institute as well as at others. Students are led to using modern methods and technologies of processing and evaluation of geographical data with utilising the existing possibilities of computer data processing and methods of remote sensing. The objective is to equip them with deep theoretical knowledge and educate them as outspoken scientists who are able to further work in the spheres of theoretical as well as applied scientific research. The student is led to the ability of independent formulation of the scientific problem, obtaining relevant data, their qualitative and quantitative evaluation, the selection of the suitable methodology and evaluation of results obtained from analytical and synthetic views with respect to making up alternative scenarios of the development of geographical phenomena and processes in space and time.

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