HR Award Project – HRS4R

There are many international scientific successes being assigned to the Masaryk University’s Faculty of Science. Specific research fields are focused on harmonious development of individual natural sciences and meeting its priority targets.  Essential part of the faculty research activities is also devoted to basic and applied research and are closely linked to activities of doctoral study programmes. Main research and development activities have been derived from long term trends of major fields of study – Biology, Physics, Earth Sciences, Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Mathematics.

The Faculty of Science (FoS) is the most productive scientific unit of the Masaryk University (MU) generating around 40 % of MU research results.

On January 1, 2018, the FoS , in the spirit of supporting science and research as one of its priorities and also corresponding to the Long Term Strategic Plan of the Faculty of Science, begun implementation of a project Setting up a Strategic Management System for a Research Organization in accordance with  requirements of obtaining the HR Award for the faculty.  This project is part of a 5 year OP VVV Project – “Development of Human Resources and MU’s International Research Orientation” (HR4MU), which is co-financed by the European Union.

The project aim is to obtain the HR Award certificate (HR Excellence in Research logo) which is awarded by the European Commission to Research institutions that implement The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R). This strategy is based on principles set in The European Charter for Researchers and The Code of Conduct for Recruitment of Researchers, which is Commission recommendation No: 2005/251/EC that commits research institutions to create a friendly working environment and conditions, provides career development, and establishes transparent recruitment procedures for researchers.

The Faculty of Science endorsed the principles of The Charter and The Code in October 2017.

Project Timeline:

01/2018 – 12/2022 (60 months)

Project Benefits:

Creation of long-term sustainable, international, prestigious, and transparent working environment open for both domestic and foreign top researchers

Project Steps and Content:

  • Internal analysis of HR processes (Gap Analysis)
  • Action Plan
  • Confirmation of initial HR Award being granted
  • Implementation of steps based on the Action Plan
  • Interim Assessment and the Action Plan Revision
  • Implementation of revised steps based on the Interim Assessment
  • External Assessment of the updated HRS4R provided by the European Commission
  • Creation of the Faculty of Science Ethics Code
  • Creation of the Faculty of Science Role System
  • Creation of the Faculty of Science Career Development System
  • Creation of the Faculty of Science Recruitment Policy
  • Creation of the Faculty of Science employee Evaluation System Framework (employee appraisal)
  •  Informing employees about the HR Award process
  • HR Award Renewal
  • Consultations with foreign holders of the HR Award
  • Concept of young researchers’ professional development
  • Support of mentoring programs for Ph.D. students
  • Training and development of managers and experts
  • Computer training for administrative staff
  • Leadership and soft competencies training for managers
  • Project management training
  • Recruitment techniques training for HR staff

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