Office for Information and Communications Technologies

Head of Office

RNDr. Čestmír Greger
tel.: 549 49 1407, 3978
  • Responsibility for the operation of information and communications technologies(IT) on the faculty
  • Preparation and suggestions of directions for the next development of computer networks, computer technology and other IT on the faculty.
  • Consultation of individual department needs when purchasing IT.
  • Representing the faculty on a university level in the field of IT, communication with the university information system development team
  • Registration of purchased software
  • Consultation in the domain of hardware, computer repair.

Assistant Manager

Ing. Dalibor Hanžl
tel.: 549 49 4092
  • Managment of the faculty server including the mail server, coordinating work of other server administrators on the faculty.
  • Responsibility for the operation of the faculty's computer network including the wireless network, maintenance and repair of the network's technological elements.
  • Installation of Linux a Unix operation systems including applications
  • Responsibility for the technical state of the faculty computer network and its central active elements.
  • Maintenance and repair of computer equipment in the Auditorium and Internet club


Alan Kuběna
tel.: 549 49 5366
  • Production and maintenance of the faculty's web site
  • Production of software applications, their operation adn maintenance
  • Creating timetables- chairman of the faculty's timetable commission
  • Electronic support admission and accreditation process
  • Consultation in the software domain
  • Basic computer configuration with the Windows system and their connecting to the computer network, installation of Microsoft programs and ASŘ equipment.

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