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Základní informace o navazujícím magisterském studiu

The faculty of Science at Masaryk University in Brno offers higher education in the fields of mathematical, physical, chemical, biological, and earth sciences. The education system is based on a three-tier study concept (bachelor's – master's – doctoral study).

The second level of university education, graduate study, is implemented through Master degree programmes, that building upon the undergraduate programmes. They provide a highly qualified education in various scientific disciplines and specialized fields and for the best graduates they are also a preparation for doctoral study. The faculty offers 47 fields of study in 11 accredited master programmes. Students that successfully complete the Master’s programme are awarded a diploma and an academic degree “Master” (Mgr.). Students of master programmes can also perform an advanced master's state examination (rigorous state exam), which includes the defence of a thesis; the students are then awarded an academic degree "Doctor of Science" (RNDr.).

The study is carried out as a

  • single- field study, focused mainly on educating future scientific experts and researchers in the given field, capable of independent work, or
  • multidisciplinary study, allowing a combination of two or even more fields. The traditional examples of multidisciplinary studies are studies with focus on secondary school education and interfaculty studies, where one can study scientific fields along with other fields such as humanities or physical education, art, etc.

One may choose from the following study forms:

  • On-campus study form is intended primarily for students who are not bound by a contract of employment.
  • Off-campus study form is intended mainly for employed students, but it is possible even for students without employment. It includes a combination of full-time and part-time arrangements for fulfilling study requirements. The standard period of a Master's degree program is two, in some exceptional programs three years.

Conditions for admission to master degree programmes

The necessary conditions for admission to the Master's degree programme are:
  • being awarded a diploma and bachelor degree (Bc.) from a bachelor programme on which a master programme builds upon, or from a related bachelor programme,
  • successful completion of the entrance examination in the admissions process. The admission of applicants, who have met the necessary conditions, will be based solely on final applicant rank (for a given field of study) created upon entrance examination scores. The number of students accepted is limited by the capacity of individual programmes and departments which is published annually.

Considering the formal matter and the content of the studies see the following documents

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