Research Centre for Toxic Compounds in the Environment (RECETOX)

Research and Educational Activities

The RECETOX centre (Research Centre for Toxic Substances in the Environment) studies contamination of the environment by toxic compounds (e.g. persistent organic pollutants, new types of pesticides, endocrine disruptive compounds, toxic metals, cyanobacterial toxins), their occurrence and fate in the environment and their effects on organisms including humans. The long-term scientific aim of the centre is complex understanding and solution of environmental problems by combination of multiple approaches including environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology, data analyses and environmental and human health risk assessment. The RECETOX specialists participate in preparation and implementation of Czech and EU environmental legislation, preparation and validation of new standards, development and realization of national and international monitoring programmes. RECETOX is involved in a number of extensive research projects financed by the Czech government and EU.

RECETOX is also focused on application of the acquired findings and developed methods in practice and on expert activities in the field. The centre also provides education activities for bachelor, master and doctoral study programmes. Centre regularly organizes international and national conferences, seminars, workshops and summer schools.

Structure of Centre:

  • Division of Environmental Chemistry and Modelling
  • Division of Ecotoxicology and Risk Assessment
  • Trace laboratory
  • Laboratory of data analysis
  • Nation centre for persistent organic pollutants
  • Regional POPs Centre of the Central and Eastern Europe

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