Building Administration

Head of Office

Pavel Říha
tel.: 549 49 5377
  • responsible for the proper technical and operational running of the faculty
  • arranges repairs and maintenance of the buildings and communal power engineering equipment
  • provides departments with technical support and services
  • conroles and checks on the activities in the common workshops, getkeeper shifts, technology of TPO and waste managment


TPO a Waste Managment Technician

Power-Supply Director, BOZP a PO Officer

Pavel Novotný
tel.: 549 49 6242
  • controls and monitors energy management
  • controls and monitors the sphere of health and safety at work *)
  • controls and monitors fire safety *)
  • controls and monitors the sphere of crisis management *)

    in cases that are marked *) he is subordinate to the Faculty Bursar

Low Voltage Technician

Pavel Žovinec

Phone: 54949 8480
Office: pav. 10/01006, Kotlářská 267/2
  • responsible for the functioning of faculty's telephone network
  • handles the electronic fire alarm system (EFAS)
  • handles the electronic intrusion alarm system (EIAS)
  • ensures technical operation of classrooms equipped with audiovisual technology

BOZP Officer

Ing. Pavla Tománková

Phone: 54949 4077
Office: pav. 10/01006, Kotlářská 267/2
  • BOZP Officer

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