Department of Chemistry

Research and Educational Activities

Our research covers all main areas of chemistry. We are involved in synthesis, characterization, and investigation of properties of organic and inorganic substances. We prepare compounds towards potential medicinal applications, and also chemicals suitable for preparation of new materials. We put great emphasis on evaluation of structure and reactivity relationship. We apply quantum chemical calculations; in particular to study properties of metallic materials and alloys. Our research programs in photochemistry and supramolecular chemistry are top-class. We develop analytical methods based on mass spectrometry (e.g. ICP-MS, MALDI-MS, MS-TOF) for analysis of chemical and biological materials. In addition, we use spectrophotometry and fluorimetry to study properties, thermodynamics and kinetics of metal complexes with macrocyclic ligands and of coordination polymers. Single crystal X-ray diffraction, multinuclear NMR spectroscopy, and other physico-chemical methods of analysis, separation, and characterization of chemical substances also play an important role in our research.

Our current research projects are described in greater detail below. The Department of Chemistry is a guarantee of three study programs within the field of Chemistry at Bachelor, Master and PhD levels. Bachelor students can choose several study fields: Chemistry with later specializations to Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, and Physical Chemistry, and one of the other four specialized bachelor fields: Chemistry of Conservation - Restoration, Analytical Chemist – Manager of Chemical Laboratory, Chemistry with the View to Education, and Biophysical Chemistry. The master studies include Analytical, Inorganic, Physical, and Organic Chemistry as well as Chemistry of Materials and Chemistry of Conservation – Restoration. Students can take also Upper Secondary School Teacher Training in Chemistry. At the doctoral level the Department offers education in the following fields: Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, and Physical Chemistry and the Chemistry of Materials.

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