Department of Condensed Matter Physics

Research and Educational Activities


Research activities are focused on studies of selected materials and layered structures, in particular of their optical response and structural properties. We are particularly interested in selected metals, semiconductors and insulators: they are studied either independently in their bulk form, or as constituents of layered systems. Optical spectroscopy in a wide range (from far-infrared to ultraviolet) is used to investigate vibrational and electronic states and their interactions, e.g. as the changes of the optical response with temperature. The structural properties are studied preferentially by X-ray diffraction and reflection. Attention is paid mainly to low-dimensional semiconductor structures, high-temperature superconductors, metal-semiconductor-insulator multilayers, and polymers.


The main educational activities consist of basic and specialised courses in physics, extensive laboratory courses, and they also involve parts of the courses of theoretical physics. The department is responsible for a range of courses in the inter-faculty studies in physical engineering and bachelor and master studies of optometry. The department runs a cleanroom facility for semiconductor technologies (sponsored by On Semiconductor CR); they are devoted mainly to educational purposes. The department is also responsible for the education in biophysics and operates a biophysical Laboratory

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