Workgroup: Mgr. Jiří Pacherník Ph.D.


Stem cell, Dormancy – Quiescence, Proliferation, Differentiation, gp130 receptor, p38 kinase, hypoxia

Head of laboratory: Mgr. Jiří Pacherník, Ph.D.
Office: pav. 02/-1012 (Kotlářská 2, 611 37 Brno)
Phone: 532 146 206


Stem cells are defined as cells with an extensive self-renewal potential and an ability of multilineage differentiation into a wide variety of cell types. Stem cells participate in regulation of growth and homeostasis during ontogenesis of body. Thus, the understanding of the mechanisms of stem cell maintenance in organism belongs to basic knowledge about a development of multicellular organisms and an organism homeostasis.

As experimental model in our studies, we employed mouse (Mus musculus domesticus) and mouse and human cell lines. Generally we work with embryonic stem and somatic stem cells (mainly with neural stem cells derived from embryonic stem cells).

The following specific topics will be addressed:

  1. To determine the principle of stem cell formation.
  2. To determine mechanisms that regulate stem cell maintenance.

Prakticky se soustředíme zejména na úlohu hypoxie v biologii kmenových buněk. Tzn. na interakci buněčné odpovědi na hypoxii se signálními drahami růstových faktorů, na biochemii buněčné odpovědi na hypoxii a na celkové změny osudu (proliferaci, diferenciaci, apoptose, funkcích..) kmenových buněk v důsledku buněčné odpovědi na změny v dostupnosti kyslíku.



For our studies, we employ various approaches and methods of molecular and cellular biology and biochemistry.




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