About us

Society of Economic Geologists, Inc., (SEG)

is an international organization of individual members with interests in the field of economic geology. The Society’s membership includes representatives from industry, academia, government institutions and student members. SEG originated from a 1919 gathering of a group of Geological Society of America (GSA) members who were especially interested in economic geology. Today SEG consists of more than 6000 members residing in over 90 countries throughout the world.

Objective of SEG

is to advance the science of geology through the scientific investigation of mineral deposits and mineral resources and the application thereof to exploration, mineral resource appraisal, mining and mineral extraction. Another objective is to disseminate basic and applied scientific information arising from investigations of mineral deposits and mineral resources through SEG publications, meetings, symposia, conferences, field trips, short courses, workshops and lecture series.

SEG Student Chapters

seek to bring together like minded individuals interested in better understanding our resource-rich environment and the minerals it contains. The SEG encourages the formation of such Student Chapters to help promote the Society’s objectives, firstly by advancing the study of mineral deposits and applying geological science to exploration, evaluation, and production, and secondly by disseminating scientific information through publications, courses, meetings and field trips. Student Chapters are the key to linking students with other students and with professional geoscientists in industry, academia, and government. Today SEG has Student Chapters in 23 countries of the world.