Ongoing and previous projects

  • GAČR 206/02/0961 Situation Pipistrellus pipistrellus superspecies in Czech Republic
  • GAČR 206/06/0954 Intraspecific variability of populations of two cryptic bat species of genus Pipistrellus in Central Europe
  • GAČR 206/07/P098 Parasitation by bed bugs (Cimicidae): a possible cause of roost switching by bats
  • GAAV IAA601110905 Evolutionary biogeography of a fruit-bat, Rousettus aegyptiacus, in the Mediterranean region
  • MSM 143100010 Spatial and Temporal Biodiversity Dynamics in Ecosystems of Central Europe
  • MSM 0021622416 Diversity of Biotic Communities and Populations: Causal Analysis of Variation in Space and Time
  • GAČR GAP506/12/1064 Bat adaptations to the fungal disease geomycosis