Autolab PGSTAT30 potentiostat-galvanostat   

Autolab – an electrochemical apparatus PGSTAT 30 of the Netherlands Company Eco Chemie represents one of the most sophisticated commercial electrochemical devices. The potentiostat/galvanostat enables electrochemical measurements at controlled potential or current by various methods to determine analytes qualitatively and quantitatively. The integral part of the device is the software GPES which can control and programme particular tasks in both voltammetric and galvanostatic mode – it is possible to carry out voltammetric measurements (LSV, CV, SWV, AC), coulometry and potentiometry, amperometry in the chrono – mode. The evidence of the multifunctionality of the device is not only multichannel voltammetry but also the possibility of connection with rotation disc electrode or with quartz microscale for the measurement of kinetics of electrode processes or sample adsorption on charged interfaces.

Electrochemical Ouartz Crystal Microbalance (EQCM)

An interesting addition to a cyclic voltammetry is using the electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance EQCM. EQCM consists of a quartz, on which two metal electrodes are applied. An alternative voltage is fed to them, which produces mechanical oscillations with a very stable resonant frequency in the crystal. This frequency depends not only on the shape and type of cut, but reacts very sensitively also to changes in the weight of the material on electrodes. The benefit of this method is in the possibility of connecting a crystal coated with active material as the working electrode in the three electrode connection of electrochemical system. Then you can follow along with the current dependence on included potential changes also the weight changes of the active mass "in situ". in time by Time course changes of the transferred charge can be obtained by the integration of the current response in time. Comparison of changes in weight and charge allows us to determine which electrochemical reactions take place at a given potential.

Tensiometer KRÜSS K9     

Digital tensiometer Sigma KRÜS K9 provides possibilities of surface and inter–surface tension measurement with the 0.1mN/m accuracy in the range of 1 – 999 mN/m. There are two methods of surface tension determination offered: by a Pt – Ir ring or by a Pt plate. A servo – motor ensures the elevation of the ring or the plate from the studied sample and the surface film is torn off at the ring (ring–tear–off method). For the plate the forces are compared between perfectly wetted surface and lifting of the plate above the solution level. The offered temperature range is – 10 to 100 C. Possessing a serial interface RS 232, the tensiometer can be attached to the PC, the value of surface tension can be followed in time and measurement results can be printed.



Coulometric analyzer EcaFlow 150GLP

Coulometer (EcaFlow 150GLP) utilizes principles of flow electrochemistry, coulometry and coulometric titrations. Sampling and measurement is controlled by the computer. Obtained signal is corrected to the background signal of electrolyte only. This unique appaaratus enables also non – calibrational (absolute) determination of trace elements such as Hg, As, Se, Zn, Cd, Pb, Cu, Mn to ppb level of 1 mg/l. The compact flow measurement cell EcaCell 353 consists of the system of three electrodes, where the working electrode is from an inert porous material, auxiliary electrode is a platinum wire and the reference electrode is Ag/AgCl/sat. KCl


Titrator 809 Titrando

Titrator 809 Titrando by Metrohm belongs to top devices regarding the price and quality. It ensures precise pipetting, batch processing, dilution and sample division. When changing electrodes, apart from potentiometric titrations there can be performed also redox titrations or measurements of ISE potential dependence on ion concentrations and so the device can work as an ionometer. The titrator is equipped with NTC temperation sensor and batching is guaranteed by the programme in values from 10 µl to 100 ml (i. e. in 4 orders of magnitude). In the potential scale there is declared the resolution of 0.1 mV, in pH scale 0.001 pH. The software enables various variations of programs including proceeding of two parallel titrations. The titrator is also equipped by USB interface.

Thermostat Julabo F - 25 EH


It is a cooling circulation thermostat suitable for temperation of external systems or directly for temparation of thermostat bath. Temperature range of thermostat is - 28 up to 150 C. The gradual change in temperature during the tempering bath of thermostat is displayed on the display of the device. Even though the display already shows a constant temperature, it is advisable to start measuring still a few minutes later to enable the temperature settlement in the thermostat and in the solution. The thermostat ensures a constant temperature during all the time of the measurement.




Unicam UV 4 spectrophotometer

UV/VIS spectrophotometer Unicam UV 4 is a two – beam scanning spectrophotometer of the classical conception for the most demanding applications with the semiconductor photodiode or photomultiplier as a detector. Its unique technology provides an accuracy and stability. Its part is formed by a monochromator with a high resolution and an aperture adjustable from 0.2 nm. It is equipped with deuterium and tungsten lamps. For full control of the spectrophotometer by the PC, a software Vision 32 is utilized. It serves for data collecting and processing and it also keeps original raw data. A protocol with obtained results is possible to print immediately after the measurement.


 Cyber Scan pH meter PCD 6500

A multimeter Cyber Scan 6500 is an ideal device for demanding scientific, reference, medical or technological laboratory. It offers a wide range of features and settings for the solution of practically any experimental and analytical problem. It measures several parameters (pH, mV, ion, conductivity, resistivity, TDS, salinity, temperature). It can measure and display up to three channels (pH, ion concentration, conductivity measurements) simultaneously. It has a VGA colour touch screen. This device is highly accurate (0.1/0.01/0.001 pH and ± 0.002 pH).



Titronic Universal titrator + CyberScan PC 5500 multimeter CyberScan PC 5500

Titrator Titronic Universal by Schott Instruments GmbH enables very accurate liquid sampling, manual titrations and is suitable also for aggressive substances (e.g. strong acids and bases). Its advantage resides in the possibility to adjust a rapid sampling at the titration start and a very slow sensitive titration to the end. The burette (volume 20 ml) has a non–pressure suction elimintating bubble formation from dissolved gasses. The batch of the reagent can be adjusted in the range of 0.01 – 999.99 ml, the speed of burette filling is 30 – 999 s and the titrator accuracy is 0.15%. Among another adjustable parameters are: batching and titration speed, pretitration volume, time adjustment  in between of particular additions.

Hi – tech multimeter CyberScan PC 550 by Eurotech Instruments is a device for potential or pH measurements, it possesses a high resolution and accuracy (0.1 mV ± 0.2 mV). It is ideal for both industrial and laboratory applications. Measurements in potentiometric mode can be performed in the range of –1800 to 1800 mV.

Astranet UV/Vis

Modular spectrometers AstraNet offer high-quality optical system for easy using in research applications. They also provide a powerful electronics for fast data collection and demanding measurement requirements and control of industrial processes. A compact design with built–in light source provides an operational comfort comparable with laboratory spectrophotometers. The wavelength range is 220 to 820 nm. The concave holographic grating and a CCD detector with 3648 points are parts of the device.




Density meter DMA 5000M

A density meter DMA is an analyzer,ideal for numerous field applications followed by the laboratory operations. M generation instruments belong to the most accurate density meters on the market. The density meter DMA 5000 M made by Anton Paar is a combination of the reliable principle of an oscillating U - tube, an integrated reference oscillator, high-precision platinum thermometers and corrections for the viscosity in the whole range of measurements. This series of user friendly density meters provides a unique simplicity of application and ensures a complete transparency and traceability of the sample filling and the measurement process.



Eco - Tribo polarograph (ETP)


ECO – TRIBO polarograph made by ECO – TREND PLUS s. r. o. allows a polarographic respectively voltammetric determination. It uses a three electrode system of connection applying themercury electrode as a working one (it is possible to use also another type of electrode). Material of the reference and auxiliary electrodes is Ag/AgCl/sat. KCl and platinum, respectively. .  The polarograph is also equipped by an electronically controlled stirrer necessary for stripping voltammetry and a bubble valve, maintaining an inert atmosphere (oxygen removal from the solution).




UNICAM Helios γ

A single-beam spectrophotometer UNICAM Helios γ working in the ultraviolet and visible spectral range is equipped with a high – resolution monochromator with 2 nm aperture, sealed by a keyboard resistant to solvents and acids. It is  also equipped by a graphical LCD. A new set of built-in software allows a direct measurement of Abs, %T or concentration in a set wavelength, but also enables to perform a spectra measurement, an automatic construction of calibration curves and kinetic measurements. Moreover, measurements can be done at up to 20 preset wavelengths or direct measurements of the ratio and also corrected ratio of absorbance detections are possible, e.g. for a purity of nucleic acids determination. Helios γ spectrophotometer can use the Vision Software under MS Windows.

Direct-Q® 3 Ultrapure Water Systems Millipore

Direct-Q® 3 Ultrapure Water Systems is a device that produces ultrapure water of I and III types. Water quality parameters are displayed on the display (conductivity, temperature). It is a suitable device for the preparation of very pure water (conductivity 0.056 µS / cm) for laboratories with the lower water consumption (1 - 10 l/day). The UV lamp is emitting radiation of wavelengths 185 and 254 nm, which allows the production of ultrapure water with low organic matter content for applications sensitive to organic contaminants.