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My X-ray physics

Why am I so interested in the field of X-ray physics? Well, that's my job (except for computers) for looooong time already. I made made diploma thesis at Masaryk university and another at Universite J. Fourier. I wrote my PhD thesis (yes, I put a part of it on Internet too!) on X-ray Reflectivity From Planar And Structured Multilayers. Now I work at the X-ray group at Laboratory of Thin Films and Nanostructures at Masaryk University.

The list of my publications is available on the net too.

Internet sites full of X-rays

Main server for X-ray physics
with links to tables, synchrotron and neutron research facilities etc.
ESRF (Grenoble)
The largest synchrotron is in the world (6 GeV)
LURE, Orsay (Paris)
My lovely synchrotron in one big beautiful city. Na jeho vypoukle strese je travnik, skoda ze jsem nevidel, jak ho sekaji. Mohli bychom jim poradit metodu z knihy "Kronika mesta Kocourkova" :-)
Institut Laue-Langevin --- ILL, Grenoble
Who likes scattering, he surely knows that this largest neutron reactor for physical research is in Grenoble
Center for X-ray Lithography
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Center for X-ray optics (CXRO)
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

Useful free utilities

My freeware programs devoted to X-rays
are listed themselves a little bit below
Henke tables of the atomic structure factors
This is a DOS program.
Note: if you did not read the README (bad mistake, you know!) and you wonder why Henke wants to start always from C:\HENKE directory, then you can find useful the following script HENKE.BAT:
set HENKE=e:\physics\henke\
%HENKE%henke.exe %HENKE%henke.dat %HENKE%compound.dat

Some utilities useful for X-ray scientists

This is great freeware scientific program for plotting 2d and 3d graphs. Available for many many operating systems!
Great program for making pictures (freeware, GPL). Works under X-Windows (Unix, OS/2).
TeX, LaTeX, AMSmath package for LaTeX
TeX is the best typesetting system for writing reports, formulae, letters... whatever your want. It is true WYSIWYG, because whatever you see on your graphical terminal, it will be printed exactly like that on any printer.
Hacking Origin and IDL
Are you getting figures as PostScript files created by Origin or IDL? You are not satisfied with something in them? Then look at the page that helps to correct them for publication.
Operating system IBM OS/2 Warp
This is my favourite operating system. Wonderful and very useful for any X-ray scientist.
Before starting any flamewar: software (=vapourware) from Microsoft can be run there too. There are some limitations due to M$'s market (=money) policy, but who need any new functionality of Word >6.0, for example?
Does the LaTeX2e version of Springer-Verlag packages exists?
Look at springer-ny and follow the links.
Does the LaTeX2e version of Physical Review packages exists?
Not as far as I know. You (you too!) should complain them that they are still asking authors to submit documents using unsupported, obsolete versions of the LaTeX software.
Converts matrix-like data files (supporting ESRF header files as well) into GIF images.

My freeware programs devoted to X-rays

In ESRF and ILL, I worked with the spec program for experiment control; so I have some macros (like reciprocal space scanning, mapping). Also, I have unspec program that converts the terrible data file created by spec into ordinary data ASCII files and then easily draw your scans using e.g. gnuplot or Matlab or Origin or whatever you use. (By the way, the motor control and experiment programming of spec is excellent, but the graph plotting interface is the worst one I have ever seen --- look at tics positions, for instance. Also they should learn graph options from gnuplot.)

Calculation between Angstroms and eV

Wavelength A corresponds to energy eV

Some wavelengths (in Angstroms)

CuKa1=1.54056   CuKa2=1.54439   CuKa=1.54184    CuKb1=1.39222
MoKa1=0.7093    MoKa2=0.71359   MoKa=0.711445   MoKb1=0.632288
AgKa1=0.559408  AgKa2=0.563798  AgKa=0.561603   AgKb2=0.497069
WKa1 =0.20901

Fyzikalni servery

Tady je nas fyzikalni server na prirodovedecke fakulte

TU Wien: Physics Around The World
Physics Around the World: Condensed Matter and Solid State Physics
IUCr-International Union of Crystallography
Table of the Nuclides
Department of Magnetism
Netlib: library of C and FOR programs
AIP; Phys. Rev.
Geographic server
EDP Sciences, formerly Les Editions de Physique + Europhysics Letters Online
Stanford lin. accel. center
pointers to International Scientific Computing Information
Ettore Majorana Center for Scientific Culture in Erice
European Physical Society
Acta Crystallographica A
The Second Law of Thermodynamics---chemistry and Murphy's laws (the serious side of _physical_ Murphy's Laws)
Physics News

Dale se muzete podivat i na ruzne fyzikalni odkazy u Martina Vondracka

There is a collection of Java programs (applets) for physics

And something about chemistry... chemie a periodicka tabulka prvku

Servery pro numericke vypocty

Obsahly numericky software je k dispozici na netlibu: ftp.netlib.com (nejblizsi obraz je elib.zib-berlin.de). (moment... anebo att.netlib.com?). Jsou tam C, C++ a Fortranske rutiny kdeceho.

Potreboval jsem provest nejake vypocty s velkymi maticemi. Realne matice v C++ jsem si sice implementoval sam, ale tudy asi cesta nevede, jelikoz me matice jsou komplexni, a ja je potrebuji invertovat, hledat vlastni hodnoty a tak. Zkusil jsem projit tyto adresy:

TU Wien
utk archive
Netlib ATT index
Numerical-FAQ are at rtfm.mit.edu or mathcom.com
University of Salzburg
Big review of numerical programs

Nakonec jsem pouzil program Octave a jeho knihovny

Numerical Recipes on the Web

Here is a bunch of links to (free) optimisation software (LP, QP, NLP, Global optimisation,...)