There is a lot of links here, surely most of them do not work, just I don't have time to clean it up, sorry. But, maybe you find something interesting here.

First of all,

some important addresses

IBM -- Internation Bussiness Machines
The IBM Software Home Page
Team OS/2 -- non-profit organization of OS/2 users

Daily news

OS/2 Warp News and Rumors
OS/2 News and Rumors at OS/2 Supersite

Other interesting sites

Collection of sites with interesting OS/2 information (note: that's quite obsolete, since now I use Merlin and thus put all my URLs there instead here... maybe times come to check the links below):
OS/2 Warp during Nagano Olympic Games
Why get Warped?
Fifteen reasons to choose OS/2 Warp
Warp 5 unofficial Web page
"OS/2 vs. Windows 95: Showdown at the OS Corral" - from the current Software Quarterly
The "Nuns" commercial (including video and other material)
The OS/2 product family
Other Internet servers with information about OS/2 products
Selected pointers to other OS/2 information on the Web
OS/2 Warp Pharmacy
OS/2 product information
WWW page of *Must Have* utilities
*Must Have* utilities via FTP
Warp, OS/2, *Must Have* Utilities List and Links
"Carsten's OS/2 Springboard" a collection of OS/2 related links
OS/2 info, hotlists
OS/2 Nice Native Games web homepage
The comprehensive list of TCP/IP apps for OS/2
OS/2 vs. Windows'95: A Decision Maker's Guide
Fifteen questions to ask Microsoft
Timothy Sipples' Warped World!
Tricks for OS/2
Internet and OS/2
Huge archive of OS/2 links
IKE features, description, IBM, Lotus
Virtual software archive for OS/2
WebExplorer devoted page
PGP and links
freeware programs list
Russian OS/2 site
Annotated archiv as big as Jumbo
Sound, music etc. links
development support for programmers at IBM Europe
Jacco's page (FreeTCP, SMB etc.)
OS/2 Links web page
HTML editors
OS/2 fixes page
OpenGL for OS/2
Warp Map (great!)
Team OS/2 FAQ in Europe
Warp Online The Independent Guide to OS/2 Warp Computing
Page by Kvilas (highly unofficial FixPack page, links and much more)
Warp tuning tips
Applying Service to OS/2 Warp

Some OS/2 electronic magazines
The OS/2 Warp Weekly
The OS/2 Warp Monthly
IBM Personal Software Magazine
IBM Personal Systems Magazine
IBM Software Quarterly Magazine
IBM NetNews Magazine
OS/2 Warp Flash Magazine
OS/2 Developer Magazine
OS/2 Connect Magazine
Inside OS/2 magazine
EDM/2 Electronic Developer's Magazin (also on hobbes: os2/newsltr/edm*.zip)
e-Zine magazine
Personal systems (IBM magazine)

What about these FTP sites which are almost EXCLUSIVELY devoted to OS/2:

What about these web pages devoted EXCLUSIVELY to OS/2:

Austin IBM
OS/2 BBS or by telnet

Ruzne / Miscellaneous

The list of OS/2 utilities you MUST HAVE is linked directly to the files concerned.

There is also a list of available OS/2 software.

IBM has a World Wide Web page dedicated to games under OS/2. They can answer most questions, solve problems, and you can get the latest database of tested settings for the more popular games.

There is also the complete REXX handbook. The best one?

International commercial organizations
Indelible Blue -- you can buy a lot of OS/2 software very cheap here (OS/2, compilers by Borland and Watcom, etc.)
Walnut Creek CD-ROM -- publisher of many CD-ROMs containing mirrors of the most interesting Internet ftp sites
Info Plus -- it sells Walnut Creek CD-ROMs cheaper than Walnut Creek itself
BMT Micro - here you can register the shareware you are using

New links

Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education
The OS/2 Benchmark Center
Java news
IBM article about Warp 4: Best On The Planet
Nice site about news on OS/2
GIMP for OS/2
Larsen's freeware and shareware favourites
Srovnani operacnich systemu by Brad Wardell from Stardock Systems
hundreds of programs for making music and listening to music which you can download for OS/2
a lot info (madodel)
Submit your requirements for IBM
Warp 5 unofficial FAQ
link na OS/2
WebExplorer Home Page
(Gradd) drivers
PGP for OS/2
Several interesting programs by Dennis Bareis
List of Large Companies using OS/2
Timur Tabi pages:
home page
OS/2 page
OS/2 Programming page
PGP for OS/2
Several interesting small programs by Dennis Bareis
IBM Redbooks on OS/2
Device driver pack
Development corner at netlabs
Chemistry and OS/2
Tripplite has updated their OS/2 PowerAlert software for their line of UPS devices. According to the webpage, it will control any UPS by any manufacturer.
StarOffice v5.01 is out, including filter updates and hopefully, fixes for some other issues as well.
IBM has updated the Y2K package for TCP/IP 4.0 , it is now dated at Feb. 8, 1999.
HPFS Read-Write driver for Linux
VirusFace's HQ with interesting OS/2 projects
Applications for MIDI treatment
The developer's Toolkit for OS2 Warp 4 has been updated to level CSD 4. You can download it from here.
The OS/2 Alternative: site with list of a lot of native OS/2 applications.
SiteCopy is for easily maintaining remote web sites. The program will upload files to the server which have changed locally, and delete files from the server which have been removed locally, to keep the remote site synchronized with the local site with a single command.
Astronomy for the Presentation Manager
Night Vision Astronomy Program
Config.sys Documentation Project: the pages contain hard to find information about the OS/2 config.sys. Currently there are descriptions to more than 100 config.sys entries but the author says that this will be an ongoing project.
pm123 multimedia page
MP3pm: PM frontend for CD to grabbing
The page of all Latest Warp 4 fixes
Judy's Warped World
OS/2 compatibility page
The Master Updates Page --- users are encouraged to send us information on fixes that they find that might be useful to others by using the feedback form on the web site.
OS/2 Switchboard: by now it holds hundreds links to OS/2 related sites all over the world.
Jim Larson's OS/2 Free for All Links Page
The Large OS/2 Customers List
The homepage for pgcc/emx
Alexander Mai's OS/2 page
perl for OS/2 maintained by Illya Zakharevich
NetOP: remote control of operating systems
REXX Tips and Tricks: it is an OS/2 INF file containing useful hints and information about OS/2 REXX
an article on OS/2 history

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