Public domain archives of programs and data for physics

These archives contain public domain programs for calculations in physics and other programs that we suppose about will help during work with computer. Physical constants and experimental or theoretical data as cross sections, rate constants, swarm parameters, etc., that are necessary for physical calculations are stored here, too. Programs are mainly dedicated to computers compatible with PC IBM. If programs do not use graphic units it is possible to use them on other computers, too. It is necessary to reprogram the graphic parts of programs in the other cases.

Programs and data are mainly oriented on plasmaphysics, numerical methods and experimental data processing. Programs are stored in the directory prog, data are stored in the directory data, texts are stored in the directory texts. The programs and texts for the education (mainly in Czech) are in the directory education. Content of each directories is always described in the text file index. All files with the extension .cs are written in Czech. All files with the extension .lzh are compressed by means of lha program, that makes possible decompression and additional activity, too. Program lha and its documentation are in file lha213.exe in the directory pub/ This file is selfunpacking, i.e. after transferring you start it and individual files are automatically extracted into a current directory. File with suffix .Z are compressed by means of program compress. Decompression is made under UNIX system by program uncompress and under MS-DOS system by program uncomp. Then it is necessary to correct the end of lines of text files for MS-DOS (lines are ended only by mark LF under UNIX system, and by CR and LF under MS-DOS system). This correction is possible to make by crlf program. Both actions can be realized simultaneously by means of batch file unz.bat. Programs uncomp, crlf and unz are also stored in the directory pub/

You can use programs and data in the archives for noncommercial purposes, e.g. copying and further distribution, only under the condition, you state copyright. Contact the author of programs in the other cases. If you decide to send your programs or data to the archives, you can send your contribution by e-mail to the e-mail address

We recommend all programs to be detaily commented, to include test example and description of program. We also recommend to use LATEX or clear ASCII text for writing of your text. Send, please, all remarks and suggestions to e-mail address

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