Earth Science Conferences List at Masaryk University

Past Meetings, Symposia and Conferences:


Oct. 16.-18., 1996

5. Geowissenschaftliches Lateinamerika-Kolloquium


Contact: Prof. Dr. C.-D. Reuther

	Geologisch-Paläontologisches Institut u. Museum 

	Bundesstraße 55, 20146 Hamburg

	Tel.: 040 - 4123 5018, Fax: 040 - 4123 5002


The first circular

Oct. 16-18, 1996

Workshop on Evolution of Igneous Asteroids:

 Focus on Vesta and the HED Meteorites

Lunar and Planetary Institute

Houston, TX, USA

Contact: D. Mittlefehldt



         J. Papike

Oct. 26-27, 1996

Society of Economic Geologists

Application of Microanalytical Techniques

 to Understanding Mineralizing Processes

Florissant, CO, USA.  

Contact: M. A. McKibben



         W. C. Shanks



Oct. 27-31, 1996

Geological Society of America Annual Meeting

Denver, Colorado, USA

Contact:  GSA meetings Dept.

          P.O. Box 9140

          Boulder, CO 80301 USA

          +1-303-447-2020, +1-800-472-1988 (USA only)



November, 1996

AGU Chapman Conference on Shallow-level Processes in Ocean Island 

Magmatism:  Distinguishing Mantle and Crustal Signatures

Canary Islands

Contact:  Wendy Bohrson

          Dept. of Geological Sciences

          Univ. of CA, Santa Barbara

          Santa Barbara, CA 93106 USA




November 30 - December 2

Environmental Aspects of Weathering Processes

Inaugural meeting of IGCP 405

Themes: - Weathering of building stone

	- Inorganic waste as potential source of environmental pollution

	- Mass balance of weathering and migration of released components

Brno,  Czech Republic

Book of Abstracts available at Petr Sulovsky

	or	 Josef Zeman

	WWW:	see also IGCP 405 home page

December 6-11, 1996

1st Euroconference on Geochemistry of surficial and crustal fluids

Seefeld, Tyrol, Austria

AbstrContact:  Vala Ragnarsdottir

          +44 (0)117 928 8201

          Fax +44 (0)117 925 3385

          e-mail: Vala Ragnarsdottir



          Eric Oelkers


December 15-19, 1996

Fall AGU meeting

San Francisco, CA

Contact:  AGU Meetings Dept.

	  1996 Fall Meeting

	  2000 FLorida Ave., N.W.

	  Washington, DC, 20009 USA

	  +1-202-462-6900 (outside US)

	  +1-800-966-2481 (US)

	  FAX +1 202-328-0566



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Jan. 19-24, 1997

High-Level Silicic Magmatism and Related Hydrothermal Systems

IAVCEI General Assembly

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Contact:  R. Seltmann			     or B. Lehmann

          Dept. of Earth Sciences		Technische Universitaet Clausthal

          Carleton University			Adolph-Roemer-Str. 2A

          1125 Colonel By Drive			38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld, GERMANY

          Ottawa, ON, K1S 5B6 CANADA		Fax +49 5323 72 2321

          Fax +1-613-520-4490			e-mail:



          J. Lowenstern

          US Geological Survey

          Volcanic Hazards Team

          Mail Stop 910

          345 Middlefield Road

          Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA

          Fax +1-415-329-5203, e-mail:


Feb 2-7, 1997

Island Arc Magma Genesis Workshop


Contact:  Gerald Buttfield

          Dept. of Geology and Geophysics

          The Univ. of Adelaide

          South Australia 5005 AUSTRALIA

          Tel. +61 8 303 5844

          Fax:  +61 8 303 4347



Feb. 12-13, 1997

Composition and Structure of the Continental Lithosphere:

Constraints from Petrology and Geophysics

Joint Meeting with the Joint Association for Geophysics

Cambridge, ENGLAND

Contact:  Drs. Richard England and Richard Hobbs

          BIRPS, Byullard Laboratories

          Madingley Road

          Cambridge CB3 0EZ ENGLAND

          +44 (0)1223 360376

          Fax +44 (0)1223 360779


Mar. 10-14, 1997

Geofluids II

2nd International conference on fluid evolution, migration 

and interaction in sedimentary basins and orogenic belts

Waterfront Hall, Belfast, Ireland


	Dept. of Geology

	Queen's University


	BT7 1NN    



Geofluids II Conference

Mar. 23-27, 1997

European Union of Geosciences (EUG 9)

Strasbourg, France

Contact:  EUG 9 Office,


          5 rue Ren	 Descartes

          67084 Strasbourg Cedex, FRANCE

          +33 88 41 63 93 or +33 88 45 01 91

          Fax +33 88 60 38 87



Mar. 31-Apr. 4, 1997

Materials Research Society, 1997 Spring Meeting

San Francisco, CA USA.  

Contact: Linda G. Griffith-Cima

         Room 66-556

         77 Massachusetts Avenue

         Cambridge, MA 02139 USA


         Fax +1-617-258-8224


April 8-10, 1997

Symposium "Principal Genetic Problems Related to Mineral Deposits

of Magmatic Affiliation" dedicated to the Centenary of Academician

Anatolii G. Betekhtin

Moscow, Russia 

Main topics:

1.Hydrothermal fluids, their nature and the ore formation processes.

2. Mineral paragenetic assemblages, stages and other temporal divisions

        of mineralizing processes

3. Physico-chemical problems of endogeneous ore formation

4. Modern analogues of magmatogene ore-forming systems

5. Genetic interpretation of textures and structures of mineral aggregates

6. New methods of mineral substance investigations.

        One foreign and one Russian experts will be invited as key-note

speakers for each of above listed main topics. Any suggestions on speakers

and/or talk topics are welcome.

Contact:   Dr. Nick S. Bortnikov, secretary of the Org. Committee

           IGEM RAS

           Staromonetny per., 35

           Moscow 109017, RUSSIA

           Phone: +007-095-230-8259 or 230-8244

           Fax: +7-95-230-2179


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Meetings, Symposia and Conferences in Future:

May, 15 - 19, 1997


in Äberdeen, SCOTLAND

- Stone Weathering and Atmospheric Pollution Network

Contact: Dr. Rachael D. Wakefield

	   Research Fellow

	   School of Applied Sciences

	   The Robert Gordon University,

	   St. Andrew St.

	   Aberdeen. AB25 1HG.

	   Scotland. UK

	   tel: +1224 262829/02

	   fax: +1224 262828


May 19-21, 1997

Geological Association of Canada/Mineralogical Association of Canada

Ottawa, Canada

Contact:        GAC

                Room 757, 601 Booth St.

                Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0E8 CANADA

                phone (613) 947-7649

                fax (613) 947-7650


25-29 May 1997

Environmental Pollution in the Ural Mountains

NATO Science Advanced Research Workshop

Contact: Dr. R Wilson,

 	 Harvard University, Dept. of Physics,

	 Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA 

	 Fax: +1 617 495 0416 


May 25 - 28, 1997

5th European Powder Diffraction Conference 

Parma, Italy

The Organizing and Programme Committees of EPDIC-5announce that

 all information concerning the Conference

can be retrieved from the following home page:

May 25-29, 1997.

18th International Geochemical Exploration Symposium


June 1 - 6, 1997

CSPG-SEPM 1997 Joint Convention. Sedimentary Events and Hydrocarbon Systems

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

With a focus on Sedimentary Events and Hydrocarbon Systems, the technical

program will cover 5 days including a special 2-day core conference, with

both pre- and post-conference trips and short courses. The technical

program will include more than 50 sessions, and will accomodate both oral

and poster presentations. The conference will bring together a broad range

of researchers working on applied aspects of sedimentary geology and

petroleum systems, and will be international in scope.

abstract deadline is February 15, 1997.

Contact: Martin Fowler				Cindy Riediger 

Session Co-chair				Session Co-chair 

Geological Survey of Canada - Calgary        	Dept. of Geology and Geophysics

3303-33rd St. N.W.				The University of Calgary

The University of Calgary			Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4	

Calgary, Alberta T2L 2A7, Canada		Canada

phone: 403-292-7038, fax: 403-292-7159		phone: (403) 220-8783

Email:			fax: 403-284-0074

Internet:		e-mail:

June 2-6, 1997

7th Annual V.M. Goldschmidt Conference

Tuscon, AZ, USA

Indication of interest:  Nov. 8, 1996

Abstracts due:  Feb 21, 1997

Contact:        Michael Drake

                Dept. of Planetary Sciences

                Lunar and Planetary Institute

                Univ. of Arizona

                Tucson, AZ 85721 USA

                Tel.  +1 520-621-6962

                FAX:  +1 520-621-4933



June 15-21, 1997

Clay Minerals Society 34th Annual Meeting

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Contact: Hideomi Kodama

         Center for Land & Biological Research

         Agriculture Canada C.E.F.

         Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0C6, CANADA


         Fax: +1-613-995-1823


The first circular...

The Conference will be held on the campus of Carleton University, June 15-21, 1997 

under the auspices of the Association Internationale Pour l'Étude des Argiles (AIEPA)

with the participation of the International Society of Soil

 Science (Commission VII). The technical

program will consist of symposia and special sessions, 

in addition to general sessions which

will cover all topics on clay science. Field excursions before 

and after the Conference, exhibits, 

social events and natural attractions of the National Capital

 Region will provide for a multi-dimensional 

conference. June is a pleasant time of the year in Ottawa.

Juny, 16-27, 1997 

Soils and Global Change: Carbon Cycle, Trace Gas Exchange and Hydrology

NATO Science Meeting

Bonas, Toulouse, France

Contact: Dr. E.A. Holland, 

	 National Center for Atmospheric Research,

	 Atmospheric Chemistry Division,

         1850 Table Mesa Drive, Boulder, CO 80303,USA

	 Fax: 303 497 1477


July 20-24, 1997

Fifth International Symposium on Hydrothermal Reactions (ISHR - 1997)

Gatlinburg, TN, USA

Contact: ISHR - 97


         P.O. Box 2008

         Building 4500S

         MS 6110

         Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6110 USA

         +1-423-576-5109, Fax +1-423-574-4961



August, 18-31 , 1997

International Symposium on Geology and Mineral Resources of Madagascar 

International Symposium and Field Workshop

 Antananarivo, Madagascar

 Organized by: The Academy of Science of Madagascar

               Department of Geology, University of Antananarivo

   	       Geological Survey, Ministry of Energy and Mines, Madagascar

               UNESCO-IUGS-IGCP 348/368

	The geology and  mineral resources of Madagascar have recently

begun to attract attention for scientific, economic and developmental reasons. 

Because of its central location within the Gondwana supercontinent, 

the geology of Madagascar cannot be consisered in isolation, and studies 

there have implications for understanding the economic geology and tectonic 

development of this and other Gondwana fragments in east Africa, 

southern Asia and Antarctica.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 1 June, 1997

Contact:    Prof. Lewis D. Ashwal 

	    Department of Geology

	    Rand Afrikaans University 

	    P.O. Box 524

	    Auckland Park, 2006	

	    South Africa

	    Phone:   +27-11-489-2635

	    FAX:     +27-11-489-2309


August 19-20, 1997

I.M.A. Working Group On Mineral Equilibria And Data Bases International

Meeting in Helsinki, Finland

Response deadline:  past

Contact:        Pentti Holtta

                Geological Survey of Finland

                SF-02150 Espoo, FINLAND


                TEL 358-0-46932312

                FAX 358-0-462205

September 1997

Geoenvironmental Conference 

Cardiff, USA

Abstracts are due in by 11 October 1996.

Themes: Site Investigation and Characterization

 	Transport, Persistence and Fate of Pollutants in Contaminated Ground

        Transport Modelling:Saturated and Unsaturated 

        Geotechnics of Land Disposal of Waste

   	Geotechnical Recycle or Reuse of Waste Materials

 	Remediation of Contaminated Ground

	Geoenvironmental Risks and Regulations

Contact: Cherrie Summers

	 Conference Secretariat

 	 PO Box 917

	 Newport Rd, Cardiff, CF2 1XH.

	 Tel: (01222) 874000 ext 5920.  Fax: (01222) 874420.


Sep. 1-5, 1997

Challenges to Chemical Geology

10th Meeting of the European Geological Societies

Carlsbad, Czech Republic.

Contact:  Dr. Martin Novak

          Czech Geol. Survey

          Geologicka 6

          15200 Prague 5, CZECH REPUBLIC

          +42-2-581-71-20, Fax: +42-2-581-87-48


	   WWW: MAEGS-10

September 1-5, 1997


"Centro Stefano Franscini", Monte Verita, Ascona, SWITZERLAND

Contact: Dr. Rolf Schmid

	 Mineralogy, IEC 97

	 ETH-centre, NO E43

	 8092 Zurich, Switzerland

	 Tel. direct: XX41 1 6323791

	 Tel. secr.: XX41 1 6323779

	 Fax: XX41 1 6321088

	 E mail:

	 Internet address:
The first circular...

September 4 - 5,1997 

Joint Workshop Meeting 

University of Leeds

- Applying Hydrogeology and Fluid Flow Modelling to Metamorphic and Ore Systems

Contact:   Bruce Yardley	

	   Dept. of Earth Sciences

	   University of Leeds

	   Leeds LS2 9JT, UK.

	   Fax: +44 (0)113 2335259

September, 10 -15, 1997



in Miass, Russia

Main topics of the Conference:

	  1. Typical structure and textures of ores  and containing

	     rocks for genetic interpretation of structures of volcanic - sedimentary ore fields.

         2. Paleogeographic  reconstructions  of  reviers  containing volcanic- sedimentary

            ores of different epochs.

         3. Peculiarities  of  paleogeography and  geodynamic of

	    formation of different types of volcanic- sedimentary ore deposits.

         4. Connection  of  sedimentogenesis  and  biogenesis  with composition

	    of ore - bearing fluids 

	    in volcanic - sedimentary ore formation.

         5. Comparison  of  characteristics  of  modern and  ancient volcanic - 

	    sedimentary ore-forming systems.

         6. Evolution  of  paleogeographical  and  geodynamical conditions

  	  of volcanic - sedimentary ore formation.

	 Post-Conference field trip (3=964 days):

 Deadline for abstracts: May 15, 1997               

Contact: Prof.  Popov  V.E				Dr. Zaykov V. V

	 Sredny 74 VSEGE				Mineralogical Institute UoRAN

	 199026 St.- Petersburg				456301 Miass Chelyabinsk  district

	 Russia						Russia

	 Fax +7 (812) 213 - 5738			Fax +7(35135) 50 - 286

        E - mail: (for V.E.Popov)	 	E-mail:

10th-14th September, 1997


3rd European Engineering Geology Conference
33rd Engineering Group Annual Conference

University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Contact: George M. Reeves

	 Chairman, EEG '97 Conference Committee

	 Geological Society Engineering Group, Geotechnical Group, Drummond Building

	 Department of Civil Engineering, Newcastle University

	 Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7RU, UK.

	 Tel: (+44/0) 191-222-6888, Fax: (+44/0) 191-222-6613



September, 16 - 19, 1997


Royal Holloway University of London, UK

Contact: 5th Symposium on the Biogeochemistry of Wetlands,

 	  Royal Holloway Institute for Environmental Research,

	  Royal Holloway University of London,


	  Callow Hill,

	  Virginia Water

	  GU25 4LN


	  Telephone  +44 (0) 1784 477404

 	  Fax +44 (0) 1784 477427


27 September - 2 October 1997

Challenges for Sulfides in Material Sciences and Catalysis

NATO Science Advanced Research Workshop

Varna, Bulgaria

Contact: Prof. R.A. Van Santen,

	 Eindhoven University of Technology, Schuit

	 Institute of Catalysis, PO Box 513,

	 5600 MB Eindhoven, The Netherlands

	 Fax: 0031 40 245 5054


October 10-13, 1997


Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University,Cambridge, MA

	This workshop will examine in detail and from a 

multi-disciplinary perspective the nature,

origin and evolution of the roots of continents, including the lower

 crust and subjacent mantle 

that is convectively coupled to the continent.  Emphasis will be placed

 on integrated approaches that

considers the geology, geochemistry and geophysics of continental roots.

Abstract deadline: September 1, 1997

Pre-registration deadline: September 1, 1997

Contact: Bill McDonough

	 Earth and Planetary Sciences

	 Harvard University

	 20 Oxford St., Cambridge, MA 02138

	 Tel: (617) 496 2010, Fax: (617) 496-0434


November, 8 -9, 1997

Controls and Genesis of Economic Resources (Mineral and Hydrocarbon deposits)

The Dave Johnston Memorial meeting

Venue: Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

 This meeting is designed to bring together structural, tectonic, 

exploration, and economic geologists

 who have interest in the structural controls on resource formation and exploration.

Abstract and registration deadline: 31 August, 1997

Contact: Dr. Ken McCaffrey, Kingston University Tel: +44 181 547 2000


   	 Dr Lidia Lonergan, Imperial College, London Tel: +44 171 594 6465

	 Dr Jamie Wilkinson, Imperial College, London Tel: +44 171 5946415

	 Dr. Patrick Wyse Jackson, Trinity College Dublin +353 1 608 1477

	 Dr. Kerr Anderson, Navan Resources Tel: +353 1 46 22363

November 11-15, 1997


at the 5th Chemical Congress of North America

Cancun, Mexico, 

This symposium covers applications of geochemistry to enhance the 

recovery of petroleum from reservoirs, including new methods to eliminate 

unnecessary drill stem tests, define compartments, optimise steam 

flooding, identify gas-oil and oil-water contacts, casing leaks, and 

contamination, quantify contributions from multiple zones through time, 

and resolve production disputes.

Abstract deadline: past 

Contact: Ken Peters

 	Mobil Technology Company

	FAX 214-905-7058


	Web site 

November, 24 - 26, 1997


in Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

2nd Confrence of the IGCP Project #405 : Antropogenic Impact on Weathering Processes

The Conference will be devoted to two main topics:

- Wathering in acid conditions

- Weathering of industrial waste

Abstracts deadline: October 15

Contact: Maria Dubíková			Juraj Majzlan

	  Department of  Mineral Deposits	Dpt. of Mineralogy and Petrology

	  Comenius University			Comenius University

	  Mlýnská Dolina G			Mlýnská Dolina G

	  842 15 Bratislava, Slovakia		842 15 Bratislava, Slovakia

	  fax: +421 - 7 729064			fax: +421 - 7 729064		e-mail:

Informations about IGCP Project:

December, 1 - 12,1997

MineIT '97

First International Conference on Information Technologies

in the Minerals Industry

via Internet ("virtual conference")

  The purpose of this international conference is to promote technology

transfer and identify future courses of action in research and

development by bringing together, via the Internet, specialists that apply

Information Technologies in the Minerals Industry.

MineIT '97 is hosted by the Section of Mining Engineering of the National

Technical University of Athens (Greece) and its format, completely via the Internet, 

permits the presentation of papers that include 3D graphics,

VRML models, animation, etc. 

The conference proceedings will be published in a book with a CD-ROM.

Major topics will include the application of Information Technologies in: 

      Mineral Exploration 

      Orebody Modelling 

      Mine Planning and Production Scheduling 

      Open Pit Mining Operations 

      Underground Mining Operations 

      Mine Equipment 

      Rock Mechanics 

      Mine Safety - Training 

      Reclamation - Environmental Issues 

      Mineral Processing 

Abstract due: July 18, 1997  to adress:

Notification of acceptance: September 7, 1997 

Papers: November 7, 1997 

Contact: Dr. George N. Panagiotou

	  National Technical University of Athens, Greece

	  Dept. of Mining & Metallurgy


	  Tel: +30 1 7722198  -  Fax: +30 1 7722191

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January , 28-30 , 1998



Vancouver, BC, CANADA

The conference will focus on integrated exploration strategies and techniques that

have led to recent exploration success.  Five thematic sessions will cover

Corporate Strategy, Frontier Areas, Explored Areas, Mature Areas, and Future

Technology.  Papers submitted to these sessions cover some of the most

exciting discoveries and developments in global mineral exploration over the

last five years.  Two forums are being organized to provoke discussion on

"Science or Serendipity" and "Risks in Exploration".   Several international

explorationists have agreed to introduce these topics and form panels to

lead the discussion.

Contact: John F.H. Thompson (informations abou posters)	Dave Broughton or 

	  Mineral Deposit Research Unit  Samex			Tracy Hurley

	  Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences		Cyprus Canada Inc

	  University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC		2nd Floor, 322	Water Street

	  Ph:  604-822-5149					Vancouver, BC V6B 1B6

	  Fx:  604-822-6088					Ph:  604-844-1651

	  E-mail:			Fx:  604-844-1652

Apr 13-17, 1998

Seventh International Kimberlite Conference

University of Cape Town, Rondebosch, South Africa

Field trips between the April 6-12 and 19-24, 1998.

Abstract deadline ?

Contact: James Gurney

         Secretary/Treasurer, 7IKC

         Department of Geological Sciences, University of Cape Town

         Private Bag

         Rondebosch, 7700

         South Africa

         e_mail: 7IKC@GEOLOGY.UCT.AC.ZA

         fax  + 27 21 650 3783, tel+ 27 21 531  3162 or + 27 82 550 2004


June 29 - July 15, 1998

8th International Platinum Symposium (IAGOD/CODMUR)

Johannesburg, South Africa.

Abstract deadline:  ??

Contact:      Dr C A Lee

              PO Box 68108

              Bryanston, SOUTH AFRICA

              Tel.: +27 1127 373 2580

              Fax +27 1127 836 0371:


9-15 August 1998

International Mineralogical Assciation: IMA'98

(17th General Meeting)

Toronto, Canada

Abstract deadline: ??

Contact:     Prof. A. J. Naldrett

             Department of Geology

             University of Toronto=20

             Toronto, CANADA M5S 3B1

             Tel: +1 461 978 3030

             Fax: +1 461 978 3938


August 10-16, 1998

International Ophiolite Symposium and Field Excursion; Generation and

Emplacement of Ophiolites Through Time

Oulu, Finland

Response deadline (first circular): June 30, 1997=20

Contact addresses:

Jouni Vuollo		          Eero Hanski

Department of Geology	          Geological Survey of Finland

University of Oulu	          P.O. Box 77

FIN-90570 Oulu		          FIN-96101 Rovaniemi

Finland			  Finland

Fax: +358-81-5531484	          Fax: +358-60-3297289	  E-mail:

August 20 - 26, 1998

16th World Congress of Soil Science

Informations and pre-registration on the next Conference in Montpellier 


August 30 - September 4th, 1998

XVth Conference on Clay Mineralogy and Petrology 

and 1st Workshop of IGCP #405

Brno, Czech Republic

Key conference topics:

. Mineralogy, petrology a geology  of clays

· Applied research of clay materials and their industrial usage

· Clay minerals and the environment

IGCP Workshop theme: The role of clay minerals in weathering

Abstracts deadlline: 28th February 1998

Contact: Dr. Petr Sulovský

	 Dept. of Mineralogy, Petrology & Geochemistry	

	 Faculty of Science, Masaryk University			

	 Kotlarska 2

	 CZ 611 37 Brno

	 Czech Republic


	 fax: +420-541211214


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August, 3 - 11,  1999 


Durban, South Africa 

The Congress will open with a one-day symposium devoted to the Congress 

theme:  "Environmental background to hominid evolution in Africa".

Thereafter symposia and workshops will address key issues in Quaternary 

studies including glaciation, palaeohydrology, loess, neotectonics, 

palaeoclimate, palaeopedology, tephrochronology, human palaeoecology, 

terrestrial carbon, shorelines, vegetation history and stratigraphy.

Abstracts deadline: ??

Contact:  The Secretary-General:  

	    PO Box 61, 

	    Cape Town 8000 

	    South Africa



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