Public lectures, consultations and pedagogical work outside the Faculty of Science:

Sulfidic mineralization of the Zulová (Friedberg) Massif and adjacent crystalline units (Instztut geologiczny panstwowy, Warsaw, Poland - dr. Losos)

Building stone and the environment, preservation of sculptures and historical buildings (Town Museum in Prostejov, June 1993 - dr. Gregerová)

Lectures delivered by the members of the Department

Dynamics of geological processes (Dept. of theoretical and physical chemistry, doc. Zeman)

Origin and development of the Earth (Moravian Museum Brno - Prof. Suk)

Gold in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia (Moravian Museum Brno - Prof. Fojt)

Gold in Czech republic (Czech Radio Brno - Prof. Fojt)

The trips into the Earth's depth (Moravian Museum Brno - Prof. Suk)

Man and the lithosphere (Moravian Museum Brno- Prof. Suk)

The geological future of the Earth (Moravian Museum Brno - Prof. Suk)

The programmes of scientific drilling (Technical University Kosice - Prof. Suk)

The deep structure of the Earth (Comenius University, Bratislava - Prof. Suk)

The trips into the depth of the Earth (City cultural centre Brno - Lisen - Prof. Suk)

The pegmatites of the Moldanubicum (Masaryk university Brno - Prof. Stanek)

The origin of the moldavites (Czech Broadcasting - MSc. Juricek)

Systematical mineralogy (State grammar school, Brno - MSc. Juricek)

Petrology and the environment (State grammar school, Brno - Lerchova - dr.Gregerová)

Scientific meetings, workshops and conferences

1. In the Czech republic

Metamorphic fluids and mineral deposits - Praha - dr. Losos

The conference of the Czech Geological Society, Brno - prof. Stanek, prof. Suk, dr. Gregerová, dr. Losos

CATE 93 (Community-Army-Technology-Environment), Military Academy Brno - dr. J. Stelcl

Army and environment, Vranov n. Dyji - dr. Stelcl

Meeting of the Chemical Society, Olomouc - dr. Stelc

l The 2nd workshop of the Czech group of IAGOD, Jeseník - Prof. Fojt, dr. Martycak

The 5th mineralogical seminar, Horní Bečva - Prof. Fojt, dr. Martycak, dr. Losos

Symposium Geochemistry of the environment, Praha - dr. Gregerova

2. Abroad

2nd Biennial SGA Meeting, Granada, Spain - Prof. Fojt

Meeting of COFAB and WGTT, Geyer, BRD - Prof. Fojt

Scientific drilling on continents, Potsdam, BRD - Prof. Suk

International programme Lithosphere , Meeting of CC4, Windischeschenbach, BRD - Prof. Suk

Metamorphic terranes of the West Carpathians, Stara Lesna, Slovak republic - Prof. Suk

International geological correlation programme 356, Budapest, Hungary - Prof. Suk

Metallogeny of the collisional orogenes (IAGOD), Geyer, BRD - dr.Losos

International cooperations

Mineralogisch-petrologisches Institut der Universität Gottingen - dr. Losos

Institut für Mineralogie und Kristallographie der Universität Wien, Austria, dr. Losos

Panstwowy instytut geologiczny, Warszawa, Poland - dr. Losos

Instytut nauk geologicznych, University Wroclaw, Poland - Prof. Stanek, prof. Fojt

Foreign guests of the Department

prof. Götzinger, prof. Beran - Institut für Mineralogie und Kristallographie, Universität Wien, Austria

Mgr. Muszer - Institut nauk geologicznych, Universita Wroclaw, Poland

Prof. V. Hoeck - Universität Salzburg

Prof. Jansa.- Atlantic Geoscience Centre, Geol. Survey of Canada, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Other cooperations

The Military High School, Vyskov

The Directory of Czech and Moravian carsts, Blansko

The hospital with speleotherapy, Ostrov n. Macocha

Department of archeology and museology, Faculty of Arts of the Masaryk University Brno

Town Museum Mikulov

Department of Geology, Faculty of Science of the Palacký University, Olomouc

Faculty of Medicine, Palacky University Olomouc (PHARE)

Vereinigung der Freunde der Mineralogie und Geologie, Berlin

dr. J.W. Ball, US Geol. Survey, Menlo Park, CA, U.S.A.

Czech Geological Institute - the Prague and Brno branches


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Diploma works, finished in the year l993

Vlček R. : Petrography of building stones of some medieval object in the Brno territory (in Czech). Coordinated by dr. Gregerová

Vráželová J. : Geochemistry of the deposit water and natural hydrocarbons in the Zdanice district (in Czech). Coordinated by dr. Martycak

Mackovcin P. : Mineral paragenesis of Au mineralization at the locality Pezinok (in Czech). Coordinated by Prof. Fojt

Dufková V. : Mineralogical and petrographical characteristics of mineral assemblages of the Li-bearing pegmatite near Rozna (in Czech). Coordinated by Prof. Stanek

Malý K. : Mineralogy of ore occurrences in Štěpánov-Borová ore district (in Czech). Coordinated by Prof. Fojt

Berka L. : A study of ore mineralizations from some localities of the Brno Massif (in Czech). Coordinated by dr. Losos

Bumbalek P. : Mineralogical and geochemical study of gold in panning concentrates from Branna-Ostruzna district (in Czech). Coordinated by dr.Losos

Čámská L. : Geochemical behaviour of aluminium during weathering of rock-forming minerals (in Czech). Coordinated by dr. Gregerova

Ph.D. thesis defended in l993 Losos Z. : Mineralogical and isotopic research of graphites from Silesia The members of the Department have worked out 21 scientific projects, of which 5 have been accepted), 18 external reviews of dissertation and habilitation theses, and realised many scientific consultations.