1996 Annual Report of the IGCP #405


The activity of IGCP 405 in the first calendar year of its existence was centred on its inaugural conference ENVIWEATH’ 96 - „Environmental Aspects of Weathering Processes“. It was held on December 1 - 3, 1997 in hotel Santon, Přístavní 38, Brno. The participants were accomodated in the same hotel.


The conference was divided into three thematic sessions:

December 1 - Weathering of building stones and materials

December 2 - The impact of weathering processes on the environment

December 3 - Dissolution of minerals and the mass balance of weathering processes


During the meeting, 44 papers were delivered by 39 speakers; two posters were displayed. Altogether, about 60 participants (thereof 28 foreigners from 13 countries) attended the presentations. The abstracts of oral presentations were issued in the form of Book of Abstracts (84 pp) distributed among the participants at the beginning of the conference. Based upon the authors’ consent, the electronic form of the abstracts is presented on the home WWW page of the IGCP 405 project (http://www.sci.muni.cz/~sulovsky/abstracts.html). The full length papers will be published as a special issue of Folia Facultatis Scientiarum Rerum Naturalium Universitatis Masarykianae Brunensis (to appear in April 1997).

Besides the scientific programme, the conference involved successful social program – conference dinner in the University Club (sponsored by German producer of XRD machines Stoe& Cie), and excursion to the lab facilities of the Department of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry, followed by a wine party.


List of ENVIWEATH’96 participants


Participant / Country

Adamcová, Renáta / Slovakia

Brantley, Susan / U.S.A.

Brož, Miroslav / Czech Rep.

Bulakh, Andrei / Russia

Cílek, Václav / Czech Rep.

Češková, Pavla / Czech Rep.

Čurlík, Ján / Slovakia

Dubíková, Mária / Slovakia

Ďurža, Ondrej / Slovakia

Faimon, Jiří / Czech Rep.

Fitzner, Berndt / Germany

Fojt, Bohuslav / Czech Rep.

Gregerová, Miroslava / Czech Rep.

Helios-Rybicka, E. / Poland

Hodson, Mark / Great Britain

Chovan, Martin / Slovakia

Jarc, Simona / Slovenia

Jones, Melanie / Great Britain

Khun, Miloslav / Slovakia

Komárek, Martin / Czech Rep.

Kotlík, Petr / Czech Rep.

Kraus, Ivan / Slovakia

Križáni, Ivan / Slovakia

Kuhnel, Radko / the Netherlands

Langan, Simon / Great Britain

Losos, Zdeněk / Czech Rep.

Lintnerová, Otília / Slovakia

Majzlan, Juraj / Slovakia

Mandl, Martin / Czech Rep.

Marszalek, Mariola / Poland

Maxová, Ivana / Czech Rep.

Melegy, Ahmed / Egypt

Michalik, Marek / Poland

Wilczynska, Wanda / Poland

Mirtič, Breda / Slovenia

Mirwald, Peter / Austria

Ondráček, Pavel / Czech Rep.

Pačes, Tomáš / Czech Rep.

Pavlova, Ljudmila / Ukraine

Pospíšil, Pavel / Czech Rep.

Prudil, Vít / Czech Rep.

Schejbal-Chwastek Marzena / Poland

Skowronski, Andrzej / Poland

Slaby, Ewa / Poland

Staněk, Josef / Czech Rep.

Stankovič, Jozef / Slovakia

Štelcl, Jindřich / Czech Rep.

Suk, Miloš / Czech Rep.

Sulovský, Petr / Czech Rep.

Sverdrup, Harald / Sweden

Šrámek, Jan / Czech Republic

Šucha, Vladimír / Slovakia

Trtíková, Stanislava / Slovakia

Uhlík, Peter / Slovakia

Varti-Matarangas, Myrsini / Greece

Vávra, Václav / Czech Republic

Wilson, M.J. / Great Britain

Zeman, Josef / Czech Rep.

Zezulová, Vladimíra / Czech Rep.

Žáček, Miroslav / Czech Rep.


The conference was followed by the meeting of principal national coordinators, focused on the following topics:

  1. Choice of the next meeting occasions:
  1. As the long-term task were identified:

 Activities outside the ENVIWEATH’96 conference:

All activities of IGCP 405 participant relating to the project theme known to the project leaders are reflected by the IGCP405 WWW home page at: http://www.sci.muni.cz/~sulovsky/igcp405.html.