Tentative Work Schedule:

Weathering, like other global geologic processes, knows no state boundaries. This simple fact should be reflected in the structure of this IGCP. We recommend to establish three subprojects: Theoretical Modelling, Experimental (Laboratory) Research, and Applied (Field) Research. Each of them will have its International Scientific Board and meetings on international level. Working groups may form either on national level, or, preferably, on the base of larger regions with similar problems in the field of interest.

During the first two years of the project's course, the meetings of experts gathered in the Theoretical Modelling Subgroup and Experimental Subgroup should have, amongst other, advisory function with respect to suggestion of priorities for ensuing research, recommendation of unified approaches and methods in laboratory as well as field work. At the same time, connection with the Applied Research Subgroup will be firmly established. Needs of the application specialists for theoretical and modelling tools, as well as requirements for laboratory and/or field verification of theoretical models will have to be recognised as soon as possible and implemented in the research plans.

Coordination of ongoing research will run from the very beginning both in horizontal (within interest groups or regions with similar problems) and vertical direction (integration between theoretical approaches and experimental measurements, between laboratory rates and field estimates, leading to intensive feedback connection of modelling => experiments => field verification). This will be mirrorred in the arrangement of topical and general confererences, held each year of the project (major conferences on global project level will be held in the second and fourth year. Each subgroup will organise a summer school to be held in the fourth year, preferably in connection with a topical conference of the subproject.

The fifth year will be concentrated on the evaluation of achievements (to be summarised in the Final Report), formulation of recommendations for international organisations and national authorities, and possibly also on preparation of a successor project.

For more detail, see the Work Plan

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