The 1993 year-book of the Department of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry


What was new in 1993

The Department of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry has taken the advantage of the reconstruction of higher education in our country for a thorough modernization of educational schemes and training in all three principal areas - mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry. The bachelor study is aimed at acquisition of general knowledge in geosciences. Eight students have passed through this study level in 1993. Students numbers - Geology and hydrogeology, geochemistry - bachelor study joint with Dept. of Geology and Paleontology

  • 1st year 30 students
  • 2nd year 20 students (2 foreign)
  • 3rd year 24 students (1 foreign) Teachers’ education:

  • 1st year 20 students of biology , geology and geography
  • 2nd year 15 students of biology , geology and geography
  • 3rd year 12 students of biology , geology and geography The ensuing Master’s study period enables the students to get more specialised education, complying with the theme of their MSc thesis. Students numbers - Master’s study (Mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry):

  • 4th year 8 students (2 foreign)
  • 5th year 6 students

    The development plan is based on the fact that the numbers of students are stable for a long time, all graduates are offered job opportunities in their specialization and many of them have achieved outstanding professional and scientific results.

    The 3-years PhD study has two forms - regular (3 students) and external (7 students). Foreign PhD sudents:

    1st year - China Leader: dr. Firbas (Song Sougyan)

    2nd year - China Leader: doc. Zeman (Zhang Guodang)

    Department Staff in 1993

    Head of the Department:

    Prof. RNDr. Milos Suk, DrSc.


    Prof. RNDr. Bohuslav Fojt, CSc.

    Prof. RNDr. Josef Staněk, CSc.

    Assoc. Professors:

    doc. RNDr. Josef Zeman, CSc.

    doc. Ing. Dušan Němec, CSc.


    RNDr. Miroslava Gregerová, CSc.

    RNDr. Zdeněk Losos, CSc.

    RNDr. Jindřich Štelcl, CSc.

    RNDr. Karel Martyčák

    Research Associates:

    RNDr. Petr Sulovský

    Ing. Jiří Faimon


    Ing. Pavel Marek

    Pavel Kadlec

    Jiří Povolný


    Vlasta Polcarová

    External Lecturers:

    RNDr. Pavel Müller, CSc., Czech Geological Survey Brno

    Ing. Jaroslav Aichler, PhD., Czech Geological Survey, workshop Jeseník

    Jana Hladíková, PhD, Czech Geological Survey Prague

  • Lectures and lecture courses read by members of the Department at the Faculty of Science in 1993

    J. Faimon:

    Methods of laboratory research of rocks and minerals; Chemistry for geologists; Filtration gel chromatography of colloids

    B. Fojt:

    Principles of crystallography; Methods of laboratory research of rocks and minerals (the part concerning reflected light microscopy); Reflected light microscopy (facultative curriculum); Minerogenic processes (the part concerning the hydrothermal process and ore weathering); Gold in the Bohemian Massif; Genetic evaluation of ore parageneses (choice lecture); Geochemistry and metallogeny of the magmatic process


    Petrology; Environmental geology; Petrology; Regional mineralogy and petrology; Field practicals from regional mineralogy and petrology; Geology of the world; Deep structure of the Earth (choice lecture); Physical geochemistry II (on behalf of J. Zeman); Deep structure of the Earth and petrology; Geochemistry of endogenic processes;

    Z. Losos:

    Methods of laboratory research of minerals and rocks; Geological thermometers and barometers (choice lecture); Principles of mineralogy and geochemistry; Mineralogy; Field training course of mineralogy and petrology

    J. Štelcl:

    Basics of mineralogy, petrology and geology; Geology and geomorphology; Petrographic practical to the lecture "Geology and geomorphology" Mineralogy and petrology (teachers training - biology); Practical to the lecture Petrology; Lectures and practicals from petrology (teachers training - biology/geology/geography); Field training course of mineralogy and petrology

    K. Martyčák:

    Hydrogeochemistry; Data processing; Applied geochemistry; Modelling of systems at low P- and T conditions; Geochemical field course; Some problems of environment acidification

    J. Staněk:

    System of mineralogy; Regional mineralogy; Field practicals of mineralogy and petrology; Genetic mineralogy; Ontogeny of minerals; Minerogenic processes; Typomorphism of minerals

    J. Zeman:

    Geochemistry; Mineralogy; Physical geochemistry; Geochemistry of the supergene processes; Physical geochemistry; Special seminar

    P. Sulovský:

    Principles of electron microscopy and microanalysis; Utilization of electron microprobe in geosciences and environmental sciences

    M. Gregerová:

    Optical mineralogy and petrography; Petrology; Environmental geology; Microscopy of rocks and minerals; Special optical methods; Microscopy for diploma students; Petrology of intrusive rocks