The 1994 yearbook of the Department of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry

In 1994, the Department of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry has concentrated on the more efficient usage of the possibilities opened by the transformation of the educational scheme. Principal changes including the extension of the bachelor’s studies and the specialisation in the master’s study have been fully realised. After the necessary additional modification of the content of some compulsory as well as facultative lecture courses, this system yielded varied options (within the context of current accreditation).

In the field of instrumentation, the support of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Training allowed the modernisation of the equipment of the petrographic laboratory through the purchase of five combined microscopes from Leitz, Germany. The X-ray diffractograph has been provided with computer control and evaluation, which is now fully operational. Very good scientific results have been achieved with the electron microprobe.

The Department is a part of the Section of Geosciences, presided for the most part of year 1994 by A. Přichystal.

The Department had in 1994 the following members and workers:

Head of the Department: Prof. RNDr. Miloš Suk, DrSc.

Professors: Prof. RNDr. Bohuslav Fojt, CSc.

Prof. RNDr. Josef Staněk, CSc.

Assoc. Professors: doc. RNDr. Josef Zeman, CSc. doc. Ing. Dušan Němec, CSc.

Assistant Professors: RNDr. Miroslava Gregerová, CSc. RNDr. Zdeněk Losos, CSc. RNDr. Jindřich Štelcl, CSc. RNDr. Karel Martyčák

Research specialists: RNDr. Petr Sulovský Ing. Jiří Faimon

Technicians: Pavel Kadlec Jiří Povolný

Secretary: Vlasta Polcarová

Librarian: Běla Hrbková

Visiting Lecturers: RNDr. Pavel Müller, CSc., Czech Geological Institute Brno

Ing. Jaroslav Aichler, CSc., Czech Geological Institute Brno, workshop Jeseník RNDr. Jana Hladíková, CSc., Czech Geological Survey Prague

Students numbers:

1. Geology and hydrogeology, geochemistry - bachelor study joint with Dept. of Geology and Paleontology

1st year 14 students

2nd year 20 students

3rd year 20 students

2. Master’s study (Mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry)

4th year 5 students

5th year 8 students

3. Postgraduate study

1st year 3 PhD students

2nd year 1 PhD student

3rd year 2 PhD students

4th year 5 PhD students

Lectures and courses for other departments:

1. Geograpy and cartography (1st year) - 22 students

2. Chemistry at the Faculty of Science (1st year) - 16 students

Teachers education:

3. Commbinations with Geography - Faculty of Science (1st year):

Mathematics - geography - 10 students

English language - geography - 4 students

History - geography - 12 students

4. Combinations with Geography - Faculty of Teacher’s Education (1st year):

Mathematics - geography - 6 students

French language - geography - 3 students

History - geography - 12 students

5. Combinations with biology (1st year):

Mathematics - biology - 13 students

Biology - chemistry - 18 students

6. Biology and geology (2nd year) - 14 students

7. Biology - extensional study (1st year) - 4 students

7. Biology , geology and geography (2nd year) - 18 students

2nd year 15 students of biology , geology and geography

3rd year 12 students of biology , geology and geography

Field training:

1. Geography for teachers (1st year) - Faculty of Science: 28 students (2 days)

2. Geography for teachers (1st year) - Faculty of Teacher’s Education: 38 students (5 days)

3. Biology for teachers (1st year): 34 students (5 days)

4. Biology and geology for teachers (2nd year):

Other study specialisations:

Lectures for students of chemistry at the Technical University of Brno, Faculty of Chemistry - 1st year, 60 students Bachelor examinations successfully passed the following students: Bac. Dozbaba, Komárek, Prudil, Novotný, Zezulová Master’s examinations successfully passed: P. Kasperová, O. Neudert, K. Pytlíková, P. Špinar, V. Vávra

Lectures and lecture courses read by members of the Department formulated for educational purposes (weekly lecture hours / weekly practicals - lecture/seminar name - lecturer(s)

3/2 - Methods of laboratory research of rocks and minerals (J. Faimon, P.Sulovský, Z.Losos)

1/1 - Special analytical methods in geochemistry (J. Faimon)

1/1 - Geochemistry for advanced study (J. Faimon)

3/2 - Petrography (M. Suk, M. Gregerová, J.Štelcl)

3/1 - Petrology (M. Suk, M. Gregerová)

2/0 - Environmental geology (M. Suk, M. Gregerová, J. Novotná)

3/0 - Regional mineralogy and petrology (M. Suk, J. Staněk)

2/1 - Geology of the world (M. Suk)

0/3 - Microscopy of rocks and minerals (both in winter and summer semester) - M. Gregerová

3/0 - Deep structure of the Earth (M. Suk)

2/0 - Microscopy for diploma students (M.Gregerová)

2/0 - Special optical methods (M.Gregerová)

2/0 - Geochemistry of endogenous processes (M. Suk)

3/2 - System of minerals (J. Staněk)

2/3 - Methods of laboratory research of minerals and rocks (Z. Losos)

2/2 - Mineralogy for students of teaching (Z. Losos)

2/0 - Fundamentals of mineralogy and geochemistry (

Z. Losos) 2/0 - Geological thermometers and barometers (Z. Losos)

2/0 - The geochemistry and petrology of organic matter (P. Műller)

2/0 - Fundamentals of mineralogy, petrography and geology (J. Štelcl) 1/0 - Petrographic part of „Geology and geomorphology“ for the 1st year of teachers training (geography) - J. Štelcl

0/2 - Petrographic practical to the lecture "Geology and geomorphology" for the 1st year of teachers

training (geography) - The Faculty of Science, Faculty of Teacher’s Education - J. Štelcl

6/0 - Mineralogy and petrology for the 1st year of teachers training (biology) - J. Štelcl

1/0 - „Mineralogy and petrology“ for the 1st year of extensional study of biology - J. Štelcl

0/4 - Practical to the lecture Petrology for the 1st year of geology, hydrogeology, and geochemistry - J.

Štelcl 2/2 - Petrolography for 2nd year of teachers training (biology - geology - geography)

1/0 - The principles of karst processes and their usage in practice (Štelcl, Přibyl)

3/2 - Geochemistry (3rd year) - J. Zeman

2/2 - Physical geochemistry I. (4th year) - J. Zeman

2/2 - Physical geochemistry II. (4th year) - J. Zeman

2/0 - Special seminar (postgraduate study) - J. Zeman

2/0 - Geochemistry of the supergene process (4th and 5th year) - J. Zeman 3/1 - Geochemistry of weathering (postgraduate study) - J. Zeman

2/1 Hydrogeochemistry (4th year) - K. Martyčák

3/3 Data processing (2nd year) - K. Martyčák

2/0 Modelling of systems at low P- and T conditions (4th year) - K. Martyčák

1/2 - Reflected light microscopy (choice lecture + practicals) - B. Fojt

2/0 - Minerogenic processes - (5th year) - B.Fojt, J. Staněk, Z. Losos

1/1 - Gold in the Bohemian Massif (choice lecture) - B. Fojt

1/1 - Genetic evaluation of ore parageneses - B.Fojt

2/0 - Geochemistry for teachers (3rd year) - B.Fojt

3/3 - Principles of crystallography (1st year) - B. Fojt, J. Zeman

1/0 - Mineral resources in seas and oceans (choice lecture) - B. Fojt, M. Suk, A. Přichystal

2/0 - Ontogeny of minerals (choice lecture) - J. Staněk

5 Supervision of diploma theses (4th and 5th year) - J. Zeman, M. Gregerová, K. Martyčák

4 Supervision of postgraduate students (3rd year) - J. Zeman

1 Supervision of study stay (China) - J. Zeman

Field training courses:

5 days - Field training course of mineralogy and petrology (1st year of biology teachers) - J. Štelcl, Z. Losos

5 days Field training course of geology for 1st year of teachers training (geography at the Faculty of science

and Faculty of Teacher’s Education) - J. Štelcl, Z. Losos

5 days - Geochemical field course (4th year of specialist geochemistry) - K. Martyčák

Co-operation with Foreign Institutions in the Solution of Scientific Projects:

M. Gregerová has co-operated with:

Technical University Brno

Czech Technical University Prague

Institute for Conservation of Monuments in Brno

Archeological Institute Brno

Z. Losos has collaborated with:

Prof. Beran, Prof. Götzinger, Universität Wien

J. Zimák, Palacký University Olomouc

J. Hladíková, Czech Geological Survey Prague

Institut nauk geologicznych, Wroclaw

Prof. Mücke, Universität Göttingen

K. Martyčák has co-operated with:

J.W. Ball, U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, USA

M. Cramer, NSR Environmental Consultants, Australia

J. Kvaerner, C.S.E.R., Norway

Professor J. Staněk has co-operated with

Dr. M. Novák, Moravian National Museum Brno

Prof. P. Povondra, Charles University Prague

Prof. Černý, Manitoba University, Winnipeg

Prof. F. Fontan, Université Toulouse

Prof. P. Mirwald, Universität Innsbruck

Prof. M. Jakabinski, University of Wroclaw

P.Sulovský has co-operated with:

Royal Holloway College, University of London

Université de Orléans, ESEM

Bergakademie Freiberg

Komenský University Bratislava

Institute of Soil Science and Agricultural Environment Protection, Wroclaw

Delft University of Technology

J. Stelcl has co-operated with:

Department of Archeology and Museology, Faculty of Arts, Brno,

Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, Palacký Universtity Olomouc

Regional Museum in Mikolov

Medical Faculty, Palacký Universtity Olomouc

Military High School in Vyškov, Department of the Chemical Troops and pecial Chemistry

Children’s Speleotherapeutical Centre in Ostrov

Moravian Caves Authority in Blansko

J. Zeman has coo-perated with:

Department of Geological and Geophysical Sciences, Princeton University, New Jersey, USA Department of Geological Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle, USA Departments of Chemistry, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA Department of Geology, Tanzhou University, China Slovak Academy of Science, Dept. of Geochemistry, Košice, Slovakia

Active Participation of Department members in Symposia, Conferences and Scientific Seminars

-Geodynamics of the European Variacides, Bayreuth (D. Němec) - Joint Seminar of the Czech and Slovak part of IAGOD - Pezinok, Slovakia (B. Fojt, Z. Losos) - Min Pet 94 - Eggenburg (J. Staněk, B. Fojt, Z. Losos) - Geochemistry and the Environment, Prague (M. Gregerová) - 7th Congress of the International Association of Engineerring Geology, Lisabon (M. Gregerová) - International Conference of the German and Czech geological Society „Czech Massiv“, Prague - session of the International Mineralogical Association in Pisa (J. Staněk - member of the Commission for Nomenclature of Minerals) - Scientific conference held at the occasion of 25th anniversary of the founding of the Department of Geochemistry, Komenský University Bratislava (B. Fojt) - XIIIth Conference on Clay mineralogy and Petrology, Prague (Z. Losos, P. Sulovský) - scientific seminar „Mineralogy, Geochemistry and the Environment“, Ostrava (Z. Losos, P. Sulovský) - Conference of the „Lithosphere“ programme - „Research of Lithosphere by Deep Drilling, Santa Fé, New Mexiko ( M. Suk) - Besement tectonics of the Central Europe - Potsdam (M. Suk) - International seminar „The Enviroonment for the 21st Century, Brno (M. Gregerová, M. Suk, P. Sulovský) - National conference „Radon Programme of the Czech Republic“, Jihlava (J. Štelcl) - International conference „Geology and the Environment of the Czech Massiv and Western Carpathians“, Brno (J. Štelcl) - Conference „Ore Treatment and the Environment“, Ostrava (J. Zeman) - 3rd seminar on the cooperation of the state geological service and universities, Prague (J. Zeman) - 3rd International Symposium on Environmental Geochemistry, Krakow, 12.-15. 9. (P. Sulovský)

e) Expertises

M. Gregerová has prepared expert opinions on: - The building stone of the Column of Three Graciae, plinths of statues at the colonnade (Břeclav) - The restoration of the Lednice Castle - artificial „scallopy limestone“ for the reconstruction of ornamental elements of historical objects in Brno - new technology of artificial sandstone production - The building stone of the Trenk Palace in Brno

B. Fojt has prepared: - A review on the book M. Chovan et al.: Ore textures in the Western Carpathians. - A criticism on PhD. Thesis of A. Muszer ( Wroclaw): Charakteristyka okruszcowania pólnocnej i šrodkovej czesti Gór Zlotych na tle budowy geologicznej - A criticism on four grant applications for the Czech Grant Agency

J. Staněk has prepared: - book review on the textbook of J. Matyášek: Mineralogie systematická - four article reviews - proposal of a list of minerals, which in Czech Republic deserve special protection

M. Suk has eleborated: - Data for the classification of wine-producing regions with regard to the geological fundament - reviews of habilitation theses for the Technical University Košice, Masaryk University Brno - A criticism for one grant application for the Czech Grant Agency - two reviews for the Council of Academic Institutions Editorial activity: - editor of the magazine Crystallinicum of the publishing house Nägele - member of the editorial board of Geologica Carpathica - member of the editorial board of the Journal of the Czech. Geol. Soc. He has worked as a member of the Commission for Research Drilling on Continents within the program „Litosphere“ (CC4), vice-president of the Brno branch of the Czech Geological Society, member of the Scientific Board of the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University.

J. Zeman has prepared: - criticism three grant application for the Czech Grant Agency - two reviews for the Agency of the Council of Academic Institutions

Z. Losos has been: - A member of the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Science - A member of the Committee of the Workgroup of Applied Mineralogy of the Czech Society of Industrial Chemistry - A member of the Czech national group of IAGOD

Public Lectures, Consultations and Educational Activities outside the Faculty of Science:

- Nature and people of the Northern Vietnam - Moravian National Museum Brno (B. Fojt) - Gold in the Czech Massiv - University of Wroclaw (B. Fojt) - Sulphidic deposits in the Czech Massiv - University of Wroclaw (B. Fojt) - The mineral richness of Iceland and Norway - Moravian National Museum Brno (J. Staněk) - Interests of mineralogy - Secondary school Břeclav (Z. Losos) - Viticultural geology for everybody - Moravian National Museum Brno - Research of the continental crust by deep drilling - Technical University Košice, Institute of Mining Ostrava

On the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the founding of Masaryk University, the Department of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry has together with the Department of Geology and Paleontology organized a meeting of graduates. On this occasion, Professor Dr. L. Jansa of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (Canada) has been awarded the Gold Medal of the Masaryk University.

Results of specialised laboratories:

Analytical Laboratory (head: J. Faimon): - 122 complex silicate analyses - 24 partial silicate analyses - various partial or special analyses (sulphide analyses, sulphate analyses, carbonate analyses, determinations of Li, Cl, Ba, K, NH4+, Fe (II, III) - 188 emission spectral analyses - 682 determinations of various elements in extracts for the biochemical laboratory

Laboratory of X-ray Analysis (responsible: Z. Losos)

The X-ray diffractograph DRON 3 has been put to operation in a new room. It was modernised by connecting it to a PC. The X-ray diffraction patterns are evaluated with the software package „ZDS System“, yielding at the moment precise qualitative identification of crystalline phases. The quantitative determination of phases is being tested, too. Since September 1994 till the end of 1994, 120 powder X-ray diffraction patterns have been registered. The operator of this instrument is V. Vávra.

c) The Laboratory of Specimen Preparation (operator: J. Povolný)

The laboratory has produced 1130 thin sections, 46 polished thin sections, 94 polished sections,109 special specimens

d) Library (librarian B. Hrbková)

In 1994, the connection established between the library of the Department of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry with the library of the Department of Geology and Paleontology, enabled the purchase of books and magazines and an improvement of the services offered oy the library, including the photocopying. Acquisitions in 1994 include 36 books, 22 magazines (complete volumes) and 34 separate copies. The number of items rorrowed has in 1994 increased to 2823.

e) Laboratory of Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis (head: P. Sulovský)

The workers of the laboratory have in 1994 researched a number of projects in geosciences and environmental protection. The orders from enterprises comprised identification of minerals in heavy mineral concentrates, the determination of phase composition and grain size distribution of mineral raw materials, detrmination of heavy metals and forms of their bonding in coal sludges, stream- and lake sediments (for the Ministry of Environment Protection), and analyses of various rocks, minerals and chemical products. The most prominent project dealt with here is a detailed investigation of rock weathering - both experimental (experiments of J. Faimon) and practical. The latter involved the research of memorable historical monuments like Charles Bridge and the Royal Castle in Prague, performed in collaboration with the Czech Technical University Prague. The laboratory of electron microscopy has participated in many research projects run by the members and students of both departments of geosciences as well as from other departments of the Faculty of Science (e.g. analyses and photodocumentation of superconductors, documentation of experiments in material protection with plasmatic discharge , identification of the composition of newly synthesised compounds, investigation of biodegradation of sulfides). The results obtained have been used in 6 diploma theses and 4 PhD Theses (under preparation).