The Department of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry


 Staff (1996)

 Head: Miloš Suk (Prof. RNDr. DrSc.)

 Professors: Bohuslav Fojt (RNDr. CSc. – part-time)

Josef Stanìk (RNDr. CSc. – part-time)

 Assoc. Professors: Josef Zeman (RNDr., CSc.)

Dušan Nìmec (Ing., CSc. – part-time)

 Assistant Professors: Miroslava Gregerová (RNDr., CSc.)

Zdenek Losos (RNDr., CSc.)

Jindrich Štelcl (RNDr., CSc.)

Jirí Faimon (Dr. Ing.)

 Research Assistants: Petr Sulovský (RNDr.)

Václav Vávra (Mgr.)

 Adjunct Lecturers: Pavel Müller (RNDr., CSc.) Czech Geological Survey Brno

Jaroslav Aichler (Ing., CSc.) Czech Geological Survey Jeseník

Jana Hladíková (RNDr., CSc.) Czech Geological Survey Praha

Milan Novák (RNDr., CSc.) National Moravian Museum Brno

Zdenek Weiss (Doc., RNDr., DrSc.), Coal Research Institute, Radvanice

  • Petr Firbas (Doc., RNDr., DrSc.), Institute of the Physics of Earth of the Masaryk University Brno

    František Hrouda (RNDr., CSc.), Institute of the Physics of Earth of the Masaryk University Brno

    Vlado Bezák (RNDr., CSc.), Geological Service of the Slovak Republic

  • Department Secretary: Bela Hrbková

  • Technical Assistants: Pavel Kadlec (chemical analyses)

  • Jiøí Povolný (polished and thin sections)

    Ilona Zavadilová (chemical analyses)

    Miroslav Brož (part-time, mineralogist)

    Zezulová Vladimíra (Mgr., part-time, mineralogist)



  • Pedagogical and Research Activities in 1996


    In 1996, several important changes came about at the Department of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry. First of all, the education programmes were extended by the magisterial study of geology and the environment, the extent of specialised lectures on structural mineralogy, on petrography of magmatic, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks was enlarged, and new lecture on geological information systems was introduced. The latter was enabled above all thanks to the establishment of a new lecture room with modern hardware and software from a grant of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The research and education potential of the department was considerably enhanced by the establishment of two new labs - XRD lab equipped with a brand new X-ray diffractometer Stadi-P (Stoe & Cie), and a specialised geochemistry lab.

    The joint effort of almost all department members enabled that an eminent event of the year became the successful realisation of an international conference “Environmental Aspects of Weathering“, organised as an inaugural meeting of the International Geological Correlation Programme Project 405. This conference has brought new important impulses for our scientific research.

    In their research activities, the department members focused in particular on the geochemistry of weathering. Several of them (M. Gregerová, P. Sulovský, J. Zeman, V. Vávra) have solved these problems within larger grant projects. J. Stanìk and Z. Losos continued the research of pegmatites and their minerals; most members gave heed to research in regional mineralogy and geochemistry (B.Fojt, P. Sulovský, M. Gregerová, J. Stanìk, Z. Losos, V. Vávra, D. Nìmec). Further attention has been paid to problems of technical petrography (M. Gregerová, J. Štelcl, M. Suk), and to the study of rocks of deep origin, especially of Moravian ultramafic rocks (M. Suk).

    An important share on the scientific research performed at the department had the solution of mineralogical, petrographic and geochemical problems for various institutions and companies as well as the co-operation with other scientific institutions.

    In the Žulová massif and its mantle, ore accessories (minerals of Sn, Bi, Te and ilmenites) and possible correlation with mineralization of the Strzegom-Sobotka massif have been investigated (Z. Losos). The new findings from this research were reported st the conference “Mineralogy and Museums“ in Budapest. Other works finished in regional mineralogy comprise the study of zeolite parageneses, mineralization of erlanes in Bludov near Šumperk, genesis of phosphate - manganese concretions from Hodušín and copper mineralization in melaphyre from Studenec.

    In 1996, the PHARE project EC/HEA/10-CZ, studying the human response on the cave environment was brought to a close. Following up this research, J. Štelcl continues the to partake in the investigation of geological aspects of the cave environment in relation to the healing effects of so called speleotherapy. In co-operation with workers of Military Academy in Vyškov, J. Štelcl has been evaluating the results of the study of natural radioactivity of sedimentary rocks of the Kulm of Drahanská vysoèina, especially the dependence of the distribution of radionuclides on the phase and chemical composition of roks and the tectonic structure of the region.

    The long-term investigation of anthropogenic impact on the growth and corrosion of stalatical formations in the Býèí skála cave and the Amateur’ s Cave has been performed (J. Zeman) in co-ordination with workers of the Administration of the Protected Area Moravian Karst. New methodics of the investigation of mass changes of neo-formed carbonates under field conditions. The main factors controlling the course and rate of these processes are precipitation and thermal regime, combined with oscillations of the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere; the direct influence of human activities appears to be negligible. At the same time, the pollution of the cave sediments by organic pollutants in the same caves was monitored in co-operation with workers of the Czech Geological Survey (Brno branch). They detected conspicuous increase of PCB’ s and other organic compounds derived above all from communal waste in the entry parts of cave streams.

    J. Zeman and P. Müller successfully defended a task “The influence of of rock environment on the migration and accumulation of selected organic and inorganic pollutants“. This part of the project “Risk factors in the rock environment“ (PPŽP/630/2/96) is solved within the Programme of Environmental Care. The aim of the study is the design of suitable and generally applicable methodics for investigation of the sorption and desorption of heavy metals and organic compounds on typical representatives of sedimentary rocks in conditions comparable to real environment.

    The investigation of seasonal dynamics of the changes in concentrations of heavy metals and their capture / release from the bottom sediment in the Nové Mlýny basins continued in collaboration with Agency for the Protection of Nature and Landscape of the Czech Republic (AOPK ÈR). The periods of capture and release of all monitored compounds alternate during the year; the cyclicity of these processes is different even in geochemically very similar elements.

    The electrochemical and chemical study of inorganic and bacterial oxidation of sulphides, especially pyrite, continued as a joint project with the department of biochemistry within the grant of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic No. 511/94/0487. This ecologically very important process causes in the natural environment strong acidification of surficial waters and salinification of soils. Considerable amounts of iron, released during this process, oxidise other minerals. The activity of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans bacteriae increases the oxidation rate up to 30 times.

    The liquidation and drowning of uranium mine Olší led to upheaval of the groundwater level and increased release of uranium, radium, iron, manganese and other components into surface streams (Hadùvka creek). In co-operation with the workers of GEAM Dolní Rožínka, a study of long-term assessment of environmental risks of the process and its complex modelling.

    The complex research of fly ashes coming from fluidised-bed combustion of high-sulphur coals continued also in 1996. The possibilities of influencing the mineral and chemical composition and speciation of potentially toxic trace elements by controlling the parameters of the combustion process were investigated (P. Sulovský, Mgr. Vávra). The behaviour of toxic during the reprocessing of fly ashes and weathering of building materials produced of these fly ashes and their resistance against the action of atmospheric pollutants were studied.

    In the course of several of the above mentioned research projects, the newly acquired X-ray diffractometer was used. It was also used for determination of structures of minerals and pharmaceuticals.

    In 1996, International Geological Correlation Programme’ s (UNESCO and IUGS) project # 405 Anthropogenic Impacts on Weathering Processes was launched. The project leaders are P. Sulovský and J. Zeman. The chief aim of the project is the co-ordination of theoretical, experimental and applied research of weathering processes with respect to their impact on the environment. The project should help prevent research doubling, advance the introduction of unified approaches and experimental techniques standardise analytical procedures and reference materials, enable the interchange of results and personal contacts. During the meeting of national co-ordinators, which took place in Brno in December 1996, the tasks for 1997 were specified. Over 80 institutions from the whole world participate in the project.


  • Theses Defended Academic Year 1995/1996



    Prof. J. Zimák (Dept. of Geology, Faculty of Science, Palacký University Olomouc): Mineralogy and genesis of sulphide ores in Oskava, Jeseníky Mts. 145 pp.


    Diploma Theses:


    Dozbaba, L.: The study of dynamics of growth and corrosion of neo-formed minerals in protected region Moravian Karst (supervisor: J. Zeman)

    Dušek, J.: Mineralogical study of zeolites of the Žulová massif (supervisor: Z. Losos)

    Gálová, M.: Mineralogical and petrographical study of calc-silicate rocks from Bludov (supervisor: Z. Losos)

    Komárek, M.: Experimental study of interactions in the system pyrite – feldspar – water (supervisor: J. Zeman)

    Koubková, M.: Ultramafic rocks in the surroundings of Pacov (supervisor: M. Suk)

    Leitgeb, I.: The distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metals in the sediments of thecatchment of the river Punkva (supervisor: J. Zeman)

    Novotný, M.: Experimental study of interactions in the system feldspar - pyrite - water (supervisor: J. Zeman)

    Prudil, V.: Electrochemical study of pyrite corrosion (supervisor: J. Zeman)

    Varner, D.: Methodics of the quantitative investigation of the process of limestone corrosion in the Býèí skála Cave in the Moravian Karst (supervisor: J. Zeman)

    Weber, R.: Metamorphism of the Bílý potok unit in the Moravicum of the Svratka Dome (supervisor: M. Suk)

    Zezulová, V.: The textural-paragenetic position and mineralogical characteristic of beryls in the Moravian and Czech pegmatites (supervisor: J. Stanìk)


    Organised Conferences, Symposia and Scientific Seminars


    International conference ENVIWEATH'96 - Environmental Aspects of Weathering, organised as an inaugural meeting of the International Geological Correlation Programme Project 405 – Anthropogenic Impacts on the Weathering Processes. Santon Hotel Brno, 1. – 3.12. 1996. The conference was conducted by dr. Sulovský and Prof. Zeman. The department members have delivered the following papers:


    The proceedings of the ENVIWEATH’96 conference (full-length papers) will be published as a Special Issue of Folia Facultatis Scientiarum Naturalium Universtitatis Masarykiana Brunensis (to be issued in July 1997).


    Grants bestowed for Projects



    List of Selected Publications




    Suk M. (1996 - editor): Krystalinikum 22. Nagele u. Obermiller, Stuttgart. ISSN 0454-5524.




    Gregerová M. (1996): Petrografie technických hmot. (Petrography of technical substances). In Czech. Textbooks of the Masaryk University Brno 159 pp

    Suk M.(1996): Geologické faktory v ochranì životního prostøedí (Geological factors in the environment protection). In Czech. Textbook of Masaryk University Brno, 170 p. ISBN 80-210-1314-1.


    Professional Papers

    Èervinka O., Fojt B.(1996): Iron-ore occurrence at Vranová Lhota (in Czech). Geol. výzkum na Moravì a ve Slezsku v roce 1995: 154-155. Brno. ISBN 80-210-1440-7

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    1. Popularisations


    Ïurica D., Suk M. (1996): The most prominent deed in the history of modern European geology. Uhlí, rudy, geol. prùzkum 6, 3, 171 – 183 (Praha). ISSN 1210-5524

    Stanìk J. (1996): Josef Sekanina. Folia Historica, Fac. Sci. Masaryk Univ. Brno, No 6, January, 3 pp.

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    Suk M.(1996): Geology for wine-bibbers. Beverage Revue International 3, 20-25.


    International contacts and conferences


    Guests from abroad:

    Prof. Dr. P. Mirwald, University of Innsbruck

    Dr. R. Kühnel, IETC Delft

    Dr. B. Mirtiè, University of Ljubljana

    One week course “Banded Iron Formation deposits of the world and their genesis “ reader Prof. Dr. A. Mücke, Göttingen University


    International Collaboration



    Lectures and Working Stays of Staff Members Abroad:


    3rd International Conference on Mineralogy and Museum, Budapest, Hungary, June 9-13, 1996 (Prof. Stanìk, dr. Losos – participation in the meeting of the Commission for Mineral Classification, International Association of Universities)

    - 8th International Congress on Deterioration and Conservation of Stone, Berlin, 30.Sept -4.Oct. 1996 (Dr. Sulovský)

    - V.M.Goldschmidt Conference for the Advancement of Geochemistry, Mar. 31. - April 4.,1996, Heidelberg (Dr. Sulovský)


    Other collaboration




    Other activities of Staff Members


    Popularisation, Consultancy and Teaching Activities outside the Faculty