utilization of Clay minerals of carboniferous claystones for waste dumps reclamation

Z. Bzowski, M. Gwozdziewicz

Department of Environmental Monitoring, Central Mining Institute, pl. Gwarkow 1, 40-166 KATOWICE, Poland, e-mail: scxzb@gig.katowice.pl


This paper presents an analysis of utilization suitability of carboniferous claystones in Upper Silesia Coal Basin. An application selected for this purpose is reclamation of numerous waste dumps present within the Upper Silesia region. Using chemical and mineralogical evaluations it is possible to determine the limits of carboniferous claystones of Upper Silesia Coal Basin, that are particularly suitable for use in waste dumps reclamation. This material, containing more than 50% of clay minerals, is subject to disintegration by erosion and is environmentally safe, thus suitable as a soil substitute.