Laboratory of Cell Differentiation

The laboratory was established in 1994 to investigate principles of proliferation, differentiation, migration and programmed cell death of cancer cells. As a model we use cancer cell lines of various origin (breast, colon, lung, leukemia etc). Using multiple techniques of molecular and cellular biology, we investigate function of specific genes and the role of tumor microenvironment in these processes. We are also interested in testing the tumor suppressing effects of various anti-cancer drugs. The aim of our work is to perfom the basic experiments in tissue cultures, confirm their results in laboratory mice and to participate in clinical studies to provide benefits to cancer patients.

Latest news

New paper in Metallomics

14th September 2018

Paper by Terka Kučírková, et al. entitledAnti-cancer effects of wedelolactone: Interactions with copper and subcellular localization“ has just been accepted for publication in Metallomics.

New co-author paper in Carcinogenesis

8th August 2018

Paper by Jano Remšík et al. describing relation between Trop2 expression and EMT in breast and prostate cancer has just been published in Carcinogenesis. Paper was co-authored by members of our team (Kučírková, Lenárt, Knopfová, Beneš).

New paper in Oncogene !!!!!

19th September 2017

Paper by Lucka Knopfová, et al. entitledTranscription factor c-Myb inhibits breast cancer lung metastasis by suppression of tumor cell seeding“ has just been accepted for publication in Oncogene.