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About the Courses – Academic year ( annually ) 

 ·          The first course "Survival Czech"


Will be made up of the following topics: 

Small talk and personal
Talking about yourself; hobbies; work and jobs

Food and how to buy it; pharmacies and drugstores

Telephoning and telephone etiquette; how to deal with post offices

Counting and numbers; changing money; currency; bank accounts


How to read maps and town plans; asking for directions

Looking for and renting a flat; troubleshooting; where to turn for help; hostels, hotels; weekend cottages; camping

Pubs, Entertainment and Social Life
Reading menus, ordering, complaining and paying; pub Czech; making reservations

Public transport (local and countrywide); buses, coaches, trains, trams, taxis, etc.; buying tickets; reading timetables; making inquiries; cash desks

Dealing with Officialdom
Gaining work permits and residence permits; driving licences; health and social insurance

Health Problems
Finding the right doctor; understanding the system in medical centres; explaining your medical problems


·          The FOLLOW-UP course "Survival Czech"

It is aimed at beginners who will be living and working in the Czech Republic and need to be able to speak at least basic Czech in order to cope.   

Alongside Czech you will pick up something of the background to the language, as well as much useful information to help you get by while living in the Czech Republic. 

The teaching will take a skills-based communicative approach, covering speaking and listening practise, with a smaller proportion of reading and writing, and will be delivered by native Czech speakers who are trained English teachers.

Grammar will be covered as and where necessary (based on the text book), but it will not form the major part of the course.   

The text book we will use is NEW CZECH STEP BY STEP, though this will be extensively supplemented with extra materials.

Having successfully completed the course the students are expected to fall under the category of A1 level Speaker in accordance with the European Referential Framework for Speakers of Other Languages.  

All students who will fulfil the attendance requirements and will pass the test will receive certificates stating the level of language efficiency achieved.

 We will design a suitable syllabus, help you plan your progress and find convenient time for your studies.