GLAMA – Gap Light Analysis Mobile Application

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© Lubomír Tichý, Dept. of Botany and Zoology, MU Brno, Czech Republic, 2014-2015

Freeware Scientific Application

‘Gap Light Analysis Mobile App’ (GLAMA) is a program newly developed by the author and freely accessible from the Google Play website. It can be used for analysing hemispherical, wide-angle and standard photographs (with known angle of lens view). The photographs may be analysed either or directly from a smartphone/tablet camera or as JPEG files on a computer with Android operation system or Android simulator. This means that the application can be used either directly in field research, or to analyse stored hemispherical photographs previously taken with a digital camera. Most parameters need to be set only once, with the subsequent photographs automatically subject to most of the previously defined parameters. Therefore, the analysis of a photograph takes only a few seconds. If photographs are taken without a fisheye lens, it is necessary to first measure the real view angle of the camera (to assess level of  artificial masking of the portion of the hemisphere that is not photographed) and recalculate it in pixels of the photograph to the radius of the whole hemisphere. These two parameters allow correct CaCo index calculation on any camera device. The application can also be used as a tool to train students and plant ecology researchers inaccurate estimation of forest canopy cover in the field.

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Download Applicationversion 3.0 (30. 6. 2015)

User’s manualversion 3.0 (30. 6. 2015)

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