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Vegetation of the Czech Republic

Alliance KBD
Aegopodio podagrariae-Sambucion nigrae Chytrý 2013 all. nova hoc loco

The alliance Aegopodio-Sambucion includes mesophilous and xerophilous shrub vegetation with significant participation of nutrient-demanding and alien species. Besides Sambucus nigra, dominant species of this vegetation include aliens such as Acer negundo, Lycium barbarum, Symphoricarpos albus and Syringa vulgaris. The herb layer is characterized by dominance of ruderal species of both native and alien origin. Several associations dominated by alien shrub species could be distinguished within this alliance, but we recognize only those that are the most common, established for a long time and have developed distinctive habitat affinities in central Europe.

Syn.: Arctio-Sambucion nigrae Doing 1962 (§ 2b, nomen nudum), Balloto-Sambucion nigrae Jurko 1963 (fantom), Arctio-Sambucion nigrae Doing 1969 (fantom), Balloto-Sambucion nigrae Passarge 1978 (§ 2b, nomen nudum), Chelidonio-Acerion negundo Išbirdina in Išbirdina et al. 1989 (§ 1)

Diagnostic species: Acer negundo, Lycium barbarum, Prunus domestica, Sambucus nigra, Syringa vulgaris; Artemisia vulgaris, Ballota nigra, Bryonia alba, Chelidonium majus, Galium aparine, Urtica dioica

Constant species: Sambucus nigra; Artemisia vulgaris, Ballota nigra, Elymus repens, Galium aparine, Geum urbanum, Urtica dioica

Source: Sádlo J. & Chytrý M. (2013): KBD Aegopodio podagrariae-Sambucion nigrae Chytrý 2013 all. nova hoc loco. In: Chytrý M. (ed.), Vegetace České republiky. 4. Lesní a křovinná vegetace [Vegetation of the Czech Republic 4. Forest and shrub vegetation]. Academia, Praha, pp. 128-129.