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Vegetation of the Czech Republic

Association LDA02
Viscario vulgaris-Quercetum petraeae Stöcker 1965

Viscario vulgaris-Quercetum petraeae

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This association includes low-growing, open stands of Quercus petraea agg., with a sparse shrub layer or without a shrub layer altogether. The herb layer is usually dominated by the grasses Avenella flexuosa or Festuca ovina; it contains generalist acidophilous species but also some slightly thermophilous species. This is the association of acidophilous oak forests. It occurs on sunny slopes and around outcrops of poorly weathering acidic rocks in habitats that are usually slightly cooler or wetter than those of the association Sorbo torminalis-Quercetum.

Orig. (Stöcker 1965): Viscario-Quercetum ass. nov. (Viscaria vulgaris, Quercus petraea)

Syn.: Luzulo luzuloidis-Quercetum petraeae Hilitzer 1932 genistetosum tinctoriae Samek ex Neuhäusl et Neuhäuslová-Novotná 1967

Diagnostic species: Quercus petraea agg.; Cytisus nigricans, Festuca ovina, Galeopsis ladanum, Genista germanica, G. tinctoria, Hieracium laevigatum, H. sabaudum s. l., Hylotelephium telephium agg. (H. maximum), Jasione montana, Luzula luzuloides, Silene nutans, Veronica officinalis, Viscaria vulgaris

Constant species: Quercus petraea agg.; Avenella flexuosa, Campanula rotundifolia agg., Cytisus nigricans, Festuca ovina, Genista tinctoria, Hieracium lachenalii, H. murorum, H. sabaudum s. l., Hylotelephium telephium agg. (H. maximum), Luzula luzuloides, Pilosella officinarum, Poa nemoralis, Silene nutans, Veronica officinalis, Viscaria vulgaris; Hypnum cupressiforme s. l.

Dominant species: Pinus sylvestris, Quercus petraea agg., Q. robur; Avenella flexuosa, Festuca ovina; Hypnum cupressiforme s. l.

Formal definition: (Quercus petraea agg. cover > 15 % OR Quercus robur cover > 15 %) AND (Group Cytisus nigricans OR Group Jasione montana) AND Group Viscaria vulgaris NOT Group Carex digitata NOT Group Geranium sanguineum NOT Group Linaria genistifolia NOT Carex humilis cover > 5 %

Source: Roleček J. (2013): LDA02 Viscario vulgaris-Quercetum petraeae Stöcker 1965. In: Chytrý M. (ed.), Vegetace České republiky. 4. Lesní a křovinná vegetace [Vegetation of the Czech Republic 4. Forest and shrub vegetation]. Academia, Praha, pp. 356-359.