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Vegetation of the Czech Republic

Association MCG01
Caricetum elatae Koch 1926

Caricetum elatae

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This association includes marshes dominated by the conspicuous tussocks of Carex elata, occurring in mesotrophic to slightly eutrophic, still water. The habitat is richer in nutrients than in the other associations of the alliance, and consequently fen species are less frequent. Water regime is characterized by deep flooding in spring with fluctuations during the rest of year. This vegetation type occurs in river floodplains and fishpond basins.

Orig. (Koch 1926): Caricetum elatae

Syn.: Scutellario-Caricetum elatae Passarge 1964

Diagnostic species: Carex elata

Constant species: Carex elata, Galium palustre agg., Lysimachia vulgaris. Lythrum salicaria

Dominant species: Carex elata, Phragmites australis

Formal definition: Carex elata cover > 25 % NOT Carex vesicaria cover > 50 %

Source: Hájková P., Navrátilová J. & Hanáková P. (2011): MCG01 Caricetum elatae Koch 1926. In: Chytrý M. (ed.), Vegetace České republiky. 3. Vodní a mokřadní vegetace [Vegetation of the Czech Republic 3. Aquatic and wetland vegetation]. Academia, Praha, pp. 527-530.