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Vegetation of the Czech Republic

Association RAD03
Cardaminetum opicii Szafer et al. 1923

Cardaminetum opicii

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This association, dominated by Cardamine amara subsp. opicii, occurs in springs and on stream banks in the subalpine belt or in the canopy openings of montane spruce forest. Species richness is negatively related to the cover degree of C. a. subsp. opicii, which can also strongly suppress the moss layer. The association occurs throughout the whole of the Carpathians and reaches its western distribution limit in the Hrubý Jeseník and Králický Sněžník Mountains.

Orig. (Szafer et al. 1923): Cardaminetum Opicii .Cardamine opicii = C. amara subsp. opicii)

Syn.: Cardaminetum opicii Krajina 1933, Cardaminetum opicii Šmarda 1950, Brachythecio rivularis-Cardaminetum opicii (Krajina 1933) Hadač 1983

Diagnostic species: Aconitum plicatum, Adenostyles alliariae, Cardamine amara subsp. opicii, Chrysosplenium alternifolium, Epilobium alsinifolium, Rumex arifolius, Stellaria alsine, S. nemorum, Viola biflora; Philonotis seriata

Constant species: Aconitum plicatum. Adenostyles alliariae, Cardamine amara subsp. opicii, Chaerophyllum hirsutum. Chrysosplenium alternifolium. Deschampsia cespitosa. Stellaria alsine. S. nemorum. Viola biflora; Philonotis seriata. Rhizomnium punctatum

Dominant species: Aconitum plicatum, Cardamine amara subsp. opicii, Chaerophyllum hirsutum, Stellaria alsine, Viola biflora; Philonotis seriata, Pohlia wahlenbergii

Formal definition: Cardamine amara subsp. opicii cover > 5 %

Source: Hájková P. & Hájek M. (2011): RAD03 Cardaminetum opicii Szafer et al. 1923. In: Chytrý M. (ed.), Vegetace České republiky. 3. Vodní a mokřadní vegetace [Vegetation of the Czech Republic 3. Aquatic and wetland vegetation]. Academia, Praha, pp. 609-611.