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Eleocharitetum quinqueflorae Lüdi 1921

Eleocharitetum quinqueflorae

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This species-poor vegetation type, dominated by Eleocharis quinqueflora, represents an initial successional phase at water-saturated and disturbed patches of calcareous fens. The moss layer may be absent due to frequent disturbance or high water table. It is more common in limestone areas of the Alps and Carpathians, while in the Czech Republic it is rare and fragmentarily developed in small patches in the flysch zone of the Western Carpathians and in central Bohemia.

Nomen mutatum propositum

Orig. (Lüdi 1921): Eleocharitetum pauciflorae (Eleocharis pauciflora = E. quinqueflora)

Diagnostic species: Carex flacca, C. lepidocarpa, Chara vulgaris, Eleocharis quinqueflora, Eriophorum latifolium. Juncus articulatus. J. inflexus, J. subnodulosus, Triglochin palustris; Campylium stellatum, Fissidens adianthoides. Palustriella commutata, Philonotis calcarea, Scorpidium revolvens s. l. (S. cossonii)

Constant species: Carex flacca. C. lepidocarpa. C. panicea. Chara vulgaris, Eleocharis quinqueflora, Juncus articulatus. Potentilla erecta. Triglochin palustris; Campylium stellatum

Dominant species: Chara vulgaris, Eleocharis quinqueflora; Scorpidium revolvens s. l. (S. cossonii)

Formal definition: Eleocharis quinqueflora cover > 5 % NOT (Eriophorum latifolium cover > 25 % OR Sphagnum sp. cover > 0 %)

Source: Hájek M. & Hájková P. (2011): RBA06 Eleocharitetum quinqueflorae Lüdi 1921. In: Chytrý M. (ed.), Vegetace České republiky. 3. Vodní a mokřadní vegetace [Vegetation of the Czech Republic 3. Aquatic and wetland vegetation]. Academia, Praha, pp. 639-641.