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Vegetation of the Czech Republic

Alliance TDE
Deschampsion cespitosae Horvatić 1930

The alliance Deschampsion cespitosae includes meadows of broad floodplains which are regularly flooded in spring. Due to natural fertilization by floods, these meadows are highly productive and therefore they were usually mown three times a year in the past. After retreat of spring floods, water table usually decreases to far below ground, especially in dry lowlands, and the soils become dry in late summer. These meadows are distributed across temperate Europe, but they contain more species of continental distribution adapted to summer drought towards the eastern regions.

Orig. (Horvatić 1930): Assoziationsverband Deschampsion caespitosae

Syn.: Agrostion albae Soó 1941, Alopecurion pratensis Passarge 1964, Cnidion venosi Balátová-Tuláčková 1965, Cnidion venosi Balátová-Tuláčková 1966, Veronico longifoliae-Lysimachion vulgaris (Passarge 1977) Balátová-Tuláčková 1981

Diagnostic species: Alopecurus pratensis, Cnidium dubium, Festuca pratensis

Constant species: Achillea millefolium agg. (predominantly A. millefolium s. str. a A. pratensis), Alopecurus pratensis, Anthoxanthum odoratum s. l. (A. odoratum s. str.), Cardamine pratensis agg. (C. matthioli a C. pratensis s. str.), Cerastium holosteoides subsp. triviale, Deschampsia cespitosa, Festuca pratensis, Holcus lanatus, Lathyrus pratensis, Lychnis flos-cuculi, Lysimachia nummularia, Plantago lanceolata, Poa pratensis s. l., P. trivialis, Ranunculus acris, R. auricomus agg., R. repens, Rumex acetosa, Sanguisorba officinalis, Taraxacum sect. Ruderalia, Veronica chamaedrys agg. (V. chamaedrys s. str.)

Source: Černý T. & Šumberová K. (2007): TDE Deschampsion cespitosae Horvatić 1930. In: Chytrý M. (ed.), Vegetace České republiky. 1. Travinná a keříčková vegetace [Vegetation of the Czech Republic. 1. Grassland and Heathland Vegetation]. Academia, Praha, pp. 220-222.